Latios / Latias vs Registeel / Regirock / Regice

Trainers, what are your thoughts about Latios/Latias vs Regis raid bosses in terms of what you want, how they are going to perform in the meta, movesets etc?

I’m looking forward to SB Latios and potentially Regirock, but if I’d had to choose, Lati family is my pick

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Both will be decently hard to beat, but while Latios will be a great Pokemon and Latias would be a great defender (I SERIOUSLY hope they will finally let us put legends in the gyms), the Regis are… Less than ideal, maybe as low-budget options to save potions in raids with many peoole

I think that Latios and Latias are better than the Golems because they have better movesets and attacks

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Big question is, which ones do we think are next?

Hopefully the Eon Duo


The Regis have no use in the meta, they are defensive beasts, but lack attack power, and since they cannot be placed in gyms they won’t be useful. Latios will be a beast, on part with the other powerful dragon attackers, and Latias will be slightly less useful as the defense/attack are switched, but still better than the Regi trio.

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