Latest EX Raid Fri April 19th

Hit this weeks target gym on the way home from Work yesterday with 6min to end of Raid after missing several opportunities on the weekend that I just could not get to.

New Passes went out this morning and I got a 3:30pm - 4:00pm on Friday 19th April.
No good for me as I’m on Arvos that week. Looks like I’m back on the unsuitable time train.


Bummer there, @NaK. Was left out of this one, but am lined up for next Friday (4/26) at 5:30pm.

Got my days stuffed up. I was dayshift for that week and Fri 19th was Good Friday for us so no work.
I don’t have one this week for the first time we go back to Weekend Ex Raids. 5 Ex Gyms donecduring the week and not one pass given.
2 were common trigger Gyms and the others rate to go off. No clock blocking on the 2 common Gyms either.

Got my 2nd Defence one so no big deal if I don’t trigger another.

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