Lack of TMs in Raids

Hello to you all, I wanted to ask you something. How much TMs or Charged TMs do you get per raid? I have raided about 10 Legendary and 5 Normal and I didn’t get any sort of TM. I would like to know how much do you get per Raid. Thanks

It is random, in those same raids since you did not receive any TMs you would have got many golden raspberries and rare candy.
It seems like I get one about every other raid on average. Unfortunately I seem to get more fast TMs than charge TMs.

I keep both my fast and charge TM’s at 50, and i have to throw out a few a day when i do some raids.
You get more items if you do more damage, that also helps in getting TM’s. Try doing raids in smaller groups (split by team color) if possible. It might cost you a bit more revives, but awards you more TM’s and rare candys. The revives are replenisheble from stops/gyms. The TM’s and candys arent so in my oppinion its worth it.

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LOL, I am down on 1 Fast and Nil Charged TMs :rofl: Haven´t gotten any for the last 10 raids or so…

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I’m still getting plenty of Fast TM’s but the Charge ones have dried up a bit across all 4 of the family accounts.
One went 8 in a row before it got another Charge TM. That same account is having a massive small Revive drop rate problem too. It’s getting more Gold Razz and is a bit sad when I’m throwing 60 Gold Razz’s feeding Pokemon in a Gym just to get some bag balance back.
If the Revive drop rate keeps up like it has over the last 2 weeks I’ll just about be all out after a weekend of mass Raiding which I’ve planned while Groudon is still here.

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I have about 1 TM per raid, but because of how Fast TM succeeds 100% of the time but you only have 50% chance to get the right move with charge TM, Im cirrently at 47/3

The Silph Road did some research on this not too long ago:

You get more items depending on how many premier balls you get at the end. Getting a TM is somewhere in the range of 10% per “bundle” on T4 and T5 raids. The higher tier the raid, the better the odds AND the more bundles you can get. Doing well in a T5 raid will give you about a 40-60% chance of getting at least 1 TM.

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Thanks for the tips.