Kyogre Raid: Hardest Legendary?

Well, it has been maybe 6 months since we had the first Kyogre raids, and it still destroys my team. Even with a 18 lobby, I end up with 1 survivor. A lobby with <10 people? Backup team is mandatory.
How’s your experience with Kyogre raids? You guys try to dodge the charges and hope not to get the glitch, or face everything and watch your revives fly away?
Ps: I’m not much of a “Team with 6 of the same pokemon”, I like variety, but in this particular case, I envy people with 6 lvl 35+ Raikou.

I have yet to rematch that leviathan (more like livyatan I know right) but I dont expect it to be a cakewalk like Ho-oh

I couldn’t beat Ho-Oh so i guess I’ll have to wait for the special research for a second kyogre

Interesting. I had much more problems with Ho-Oh than I’ve had with Kyogre so far. The solar beam version just decimated everything. Kyogres on the other hand have been going down fairly easily. Then again, quite a few of the Ho-Oh’s were weather boosted, so that might colour my perception.

@Mapman42 You should probably try it at least a couple of times just to see how it goes. I’d go against Kyogre over Ho-Oh any day.

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So far i’ve done 4 raids and caught 2 of them, but it’s mainly because of the throwing distance that it feels a lot harder. Also i find that Kyogre attacks a lot more than Hooh

Only Blizzard Kyogre is hard because it destroys most of it’s best counters. They adjusted the distance, it’s still one of the most annoying legends to catch though.

It only took 3 Kyogre Raids to remind me how :rage: this one made me the first time time around. Sadly nothing has change.
Across the family accts I’ve done 7 Kyogre Raids for 3 Shiny. On the flip side I’ve had 7 Dusters in the 2300-2322cp range. This has got the frustration level on Redline. Wouldn’t care so much if they weren’t the best Water Type for battling.

Kyogre had without a doubt a much harder battle than Ho-Oh using a lot more Pokémon punishing the revive count. It’s a bit hard to truely measure it as my Grass and Electric teams are not Powered up as strong as my Golem army.


What is your starting linup??..mine is 4 raikou 1 zapdos and 1 jolteon, and I rarely don’t get less than 2 extra balls for extra damage

You have 4 Raikou?!

I have 17…only 4 were worth powering up (100%, 98%, 96%, 91%)

All others were below 85…which is my legendary-power-up-cutoff-iv

Kyogre with Blizzard is the most difficult to encounter. It destroys all of my pokemon with 1 shot.

Lugia is harder to take down while Kyogre does more KOs.

Did you max them out?

I’ve got 6 Raikou but only use the best 3 with 15 Attack.
Then it’s 1 Zapdos and 2x Eggs

Team is the flowing order.
Raikou 98% 3293cp ThS/WC
Zapdos 98% 2871cp CB/ThB
Raikou 93% 2518cp ThS/WC
Raikou 91% 2131cp ThS/WC
Exeggutor 100% 2875cp Cf/SB
Exeggutor 78% 2727cp BS/SB

As you can see I’m under prepared for the return of Kyogre.
If I knew it was coming back I wouldn’t have been Powering Up a team of Gengar for MewTwo racing and would have been working on that list instead.
I’ve got 3 other 100% Eggs and a 96% Zapdos but they are tiny CP and would take a bucket load to Power Up .

I have none (rural)

Yea, for my level (31)
I was hoping for another good zapdos from the research breakthroughs last month to replace the jolteon, but the best I got was like 89…I already had a different one over 90…but my jolteon is 96…so I’ll keep it in for now. Ironically enough, after no luck last month, my first articuno was 100%

Hmmm, you seem to have some good luck… Even for a level 31-er… Well done.

Yea, I do. Back last year when raikou was out, I remember doing like 3 or four days of straight raiding with a bunch of buddies from school…too bad only 1 or 2 still play. What lvl are you

Technically I’m 32…if I played for about 5 mins right now, I’d hit it. Like 15k xp away