Ivysaur: Backup Venusaur?

So, I was going through my Poke Genie and in my last slot for recommend team on Kyogre raid, was Ivysaur, so how good is it exactly? Well, for starters, it has Solar Beam, which is great, but here’s the thing, Venusaur knows the exact same moves as Ivysaur, replacing Power Whip with Petal Blizzard, so it’s stats are 151 attack, 143 defense, 155 stamina, so well rounded, but Venusaur has 50 more attack, but then STAB comes in, and with STAB, it does 216 damage, but WB comes in, thats 256 damage, so should you use Ivysaur? If you are lower level, and this is one of your better grass types, sure, but LVL 40 players should be using Roserades and Venusaurs at that point.

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It’s not good.
Almost everything is better than it (I think).
The new breloom, executtor, are much better.
Venasaur and Sceptile, and Torterra are better.