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Is there a way to use the forum with secure http?

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox has a new secure browsing mode that looks for https versions of everything. The switch to turn that feature off seems to fail, and every effort to go to http://forum.pokemongohub.net automatically adds the ‘s’ to make it https. No apparent way around that, which forces me to use a browser that I don’t want to use, just because it doesn’t do that.

(a) does the hub have any intention of upgrading to https (secure http)?
(b) does anybody know of a way to outsmart that “feature” on Firefox? (one that actually works)

I’ll try to inquire on the Mozilla site if I ever have the time and patience to create a Mozilla support account and enter all the personal info required for it. No anonymous questions allowed…

Thank you for your patience. I just love the way that these kinds of improvements seem to break everything that worked before… :roll_eyes:

Funnily this is something I am currently trying to do with a webserver I am building with school now.

The GoHub front page is https:// now; rhe forums not yet.

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I heart your answer, not because I like the answer you gave, but because I greatly appreciate that somebody answered. Bless you.

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I’m using Firefox latest version, and have no problem to see the forum… ??

In the top line it shows me that the conection isn’t secure, but it works fine.

And here the version:


Same version here – 92.0 64-bit.

Are you on Windows 10? Maybe that’s the crux of the matter…

Yes, Windows 10


What I have found in lessons today in setting up my server:

When trying to acces a http:// website using https:// results in a message with “your connection isn’t private”

When trying to acces a http:// website while using http:// it works just fine.

Probably somewhere in the settings of Firefox you can adjust the forced use of https://

Yep. I set that flag. It still coerces the URL for the forum to https. This obscure browser (Brave) does not coerce, though it does warn me that the page is not private. I got used to Firefox doing that for the past year or two, so I can accept that. (It’s just the browser I use for work, though, and had hoped keep my work userid separate from my play userid in the metadata, as completely as I could.)

Too late to maintain that iota of privacy, now… :angry:

When I enter a web, I never write the http or https part. I enter the name of the web and the browser will choose in which way to connect.

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Understandable. You probably remember, though, when we had to specify protocol, network address, and port id for connections… (some sites still have ftp servers, too).

Hehe, my first connections have been in BitNet :dizzy_face:

This forum is secured by Team Rocket! What other security do you need?

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He’s working on it

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