Is Cresselia another Giratina?

Do 1 raid, get dex entry
Do 3~ more, hope to get a 90%+ IV
Get back to focus on Shinx

Or is she actually decent?

Someone here descibed it as “a psychic chansey”. Since Chanseys only use is to be a gym defender, and Cresselia wont be able to be put in gyms, it is sadly useless.

Cresselia is a pure psychic type just like Mewtwo, but unfortunately its attack stat is half that of mewtwo.

Useless dont even waste time. Shiny shinx more important🧐

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useless pokemon

Looks like I won’t be doing many Raids This month. Gives a chance for the coins to build up in hope there will be some good value Gift Boxes for Raid Passes Down the track.
Time will be better spent trying to mine as much dust as possible.

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The most ignorant one in the room has to ask, is this the new EX Raid Boss or the new ordinary Tier-5 Raid Boss?

Never mind… I found the answer on another thread. I hope the EX raids start getting one of the other forms of Deoxys soon. The normal form has gotten a bit tedious by now.


@vorgriff3 the latest Ex Passes given out are only for the 6th Deoxy Raid.
That’s ok for people that have done all or a few to want another form but there’s plenty out there including myself that have had a Pass every single week but haven’t been able to make one Ex Raid yet due to times not matching with work times. We haven’t even got onto weekend Raids yet that are more suitable for most that work or school.
I’m glad they’re not rushing the different forms out to give people a suitable chance.

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Another Dex entry for me. Any additional raids after that will be for the gold razz and rare candy.


Totally understood. I tend to get only about 1 invite a month and have missed 2 mewtwo and one deoxys due to conflicting work commitments. I’ll (sniff) gladly suffer the tedium of more normal deoxae (or is the plural ‘deoxi’) while you finally get to raid some, and hope for them to switch forms sometime in the new year.

A neat idea would be. If you already got 1 Deoxy no matter the mode you fight, the form will switch to another.

Got 1 normal? RNG to another form on catch screen.

Got 1 normal and atk. RNG to one of the other two forms.

Repeat until all forms caught then start again with normal.

But i can see us dealing with this form for a while. Just look how long Mewtwo was there. Seriously deoxy shouldn’t of been Ex raid, it should of been Arceus and have Deoxy as task or breakthrough or even normal raiding.


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Deoxys is more useful than Arceus though
Ill just wait half a year for EX Raid Darkrai

Hadn’t done a Raid in 3 days so used 2 free ones one Rainbow Goose yesterday. Both ran so unfortunately I have to keep doing them until I get one. Once I have one I wont need to bother with it any more. I’ll go for Absols instead as the win is heaps quicker and you don’t have to waste time waiting for it to be in the middle of the screen to throw balls only to keep breaking out of curved excellents and greats.

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Did 2 with free passes today. Both ran. I feel the catch rate for Giratina and Cresselia might be rigged

Do you lock the circle?

The reason i say what i say is cause of rotation. Arceus as ex makes more sense than rotating one pokemon with multiple forms.

also darkrai shouldnt be ex neither…

We gonna be waiting forever…

Why shouldnt Darkrai be an EX Raid boss?

Because it will be almost 2020 by then.

I expect normal deoxy to be in for long still, so more people can get it. Then the next form just as long. x3

Thats like an entire year of 1 pokemon rotation of forms. You expect Darkrai to be next? while we can do it in a task with a story of dreams.

I actually like the task event pokemon, you get a story. Deoxy could of had a nice story of a meteor falling to the pokemon world but now we stuck with 4 forms that will be rotating for almost an entire year.

Darkrai being ex will be a long wait that i do not want to wait for.

The way niantic even introduced Deoxy made it sound like it was here for only the time that Mewtwo was in t5 and mewtwo would return. I guess they saw how flawed that is and now we are stuck with a mon with 4 forms that has not even started rotating throu its forms. i am not against it not rotating as of yet ( only have 1 with 2 more ex pass already obtained) but by February if it has not changed then idk how long it will last.

April? May? half a year? and then another form??? for another 6 months k you should see where this is going.

Make darkrai a task if this is the case. Or t5 isn’t darkrai opposite of cressilia?