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Improving IV's of pokémon

No, you could only improve IVs in Gen 7

I think shiney pokemon are rare enough as it is and if you get one, they should have perfect stats too.

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A Pokémon being shiny doesn’t mean it has or should have perfect stats.

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then why make them so rare if they dont have some sort of added benefit outside looks? I have a couple of shiny’s that are practically useless because they have horrible stats or are just not ideal pokemon to fight with. So how do you even show them off? I think if you have even a 5% chance on a community day to catch a shiny, its only fair that it has a higher if not definite chance of being perfect

What you say is:
I’ve found between all green apples a red one… but for being lucky enough to find him, he has to be sweet.

If you find a rare shiny and you are lucky enough to find it with high IV, congrats. If not, at least you have a shiny, congrats as well.

They are a collectible, thats why they are rare


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