I think Raids will be disappear soon

I think Raids will be disappear soon. Here some people, when they see pokemon such as blastoise, charizard, rhydon, already don’t want battle against them… Only againts Tyranitar. But… What will happened when all trainers will have 5-6 Tyranitars with good IV… I think nobody will want do raids… What do you think about it?

I am hoping they rotate which Pokémon are raid bosses. Every couple weeks do something new, I am sure people would still go after a Dragonite, Blissey, Ampharos, if it was available. Otherwise I would agree, I feel most the people that I know are only doing the raids for the TMs and rare candy at this point.


I agree…I haven’t come across a tyranitar raid yet, but there aren’t even enough participants in my area to do a level three much less a four. No one wants to use their one free raid pass on a magmar when they’re hoping for something better

I agree with you. Most of the raids I’ve seen have pokemon that I already have who have high CP and 90% or better IVs. There usually aren’t enough people around to take down a powerful raid boss so there’s really no point

It’s fairly obvious that they will be rotating raid bosses in the same way they do with nests, they would be totally unsustainable otherwise. The number of will change if you are required to win raids in order to get legendary raid passes, which is something that has been eluded to in interviews with Niantic employees.

I really hope blissey raids aren’t a thing - I think we found the hardest boss in anything ever lol you would probably need like 90 people to beat that

Some lvl 3 raids are soloable. Maybe Just try one ans be sure id u see aan other player to do a raid

Blissey would be one of the easiest lol


It would be incredibly easy but it would also be one of the slowest raid bosses.

Wouldnt be slow at all, why should it?
And wouldnt that make it hard, due to the timer?

Wouldn’t it be really slow due to its inflated health?
It would be relatively easy due to the easy accessibility to machamps and hariyama. And blissey doesn’t do a lot of damage. Comparative to kyrogue with OHKO.

Blissey boss has the same HP as all the other bosses, 7500 at tier 4

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Oh lol blissey would be so easy

If you had a ton of people, Blissey would be easy. You just have to worry about running out of time because of the amount of damage she can take is amazing.

Blissey had same HP as other bosses! Please read other comments from @Necrozmadabest


For the love of god the HP is fixed based on the tier, her 510 base doesnt mean a crap
Her attack and defense are low, not only she wouldnt do much damage but those TTars that would stay in fight forever would crunch right through

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i have high doubts its ever going away. idk if your dumb but raid passes make millions of dollars as a business that would be a dumb choice to get rid of it. sorry to break your bubble

No they don’t because you can get Legendaries from it and you need to raid because otherwise you can’t get Mew2

Raids aren’t going away anytime soon. Niantic is probably making a killing off selling raid passes. I’ve been tempted to buy some because I enjoy doing them and being friendly with the other trainers. But I spend too much money on gasoline in this game and don’t want my kids to think they need to spend money on it either.

BUT, as bobbyjack8 said, Niantic is getting rich off of these raid passes. And remember, there are about 100 million people that play Pokemon Go (i’m pretty sure that’s even more than the people that play minecraft). Many new players are joining too, and I’m pretty sure that Pokemon Go will have the player flow decline only in 2019. Thus, there are over (i’m estimating this, it may not be accurate) up to 80 million people that aren’t satisfied with their pokemon, and want to get more, since, pokemon go only guarantees 79% and higher IV’s for raids. Many people also want to battle the Magikarp, for me, it is really worth it, my last ones were only 90% IV, so, I’m willing to get more from the raid, and Gyradoas raids are to rare, and for many people, too hard. And even if you beat it, the capture rate is something, like 20%.