I hate this game


I also had a Mew2 run away from me. Don’t worry you’ll get another pass.

At least it wasn’t a very good one

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Sorry it ran, we had a 100% mewtwo run away yesterday in our Instinct group…

I tried to catch a mewtwo for someone who was playing for her brother and had no idea what to do. 4 excellents, rest great… gone

My own mewtwo: 1 ball and caught it. I’m now 4/4 with a 2002; 2009; 2011; 2012. I hate it.

I had a rayquaza run on saturday D:

I had a 100% run from me, but trying to get another pass now. Bad Luck though. hope you get another one soon. Dont give up: just keep trying and you’ll get one eventually :crossed_fingers:

Oh man, that’s rough. I’m 2/2, but they were only 2201 and 2224. I see people in the group complaining about 2255 and I want to slap them lol

Diferent standarts, if he’s used to good Mewtwo of course he can complain

Ok, so I got my third EX pass for this gym. Hopefully it doesn’t end up like this one

Dont worry, a Mewtwo runing away is incredibly unlikely