Hydro Pump Salamence - any use?

Basically the title. Is there any use for Salamence with Hydro Pump?

If there are a lot of people liking golems in your neighbourhood then it has some use to troll them, but I would use Draco Meteor or fire blast if there are ice types

Go with draco meteor.

Only as a surprise defender or for Golem/Rhydon raids that only have ground/water attacks, otherwise stick with Draco Meteor
But Dragonite is better anyways, and Garchomp is comming closer and closer (hoping for a DB/DT and Outrage movepool)

HP Salamence is pretty much like SB Groudon.

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Not really. As a defender its kind of a waste of stardust. As an attacker, you would have far better results with Kyogre, Gyarados or Vaporeon (in that order from best to less best…).

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I want it to get Dragon Rush to be honest. Something like a Dragon type Surf or Heavy Slam.

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Outrage would still be better
Maybe a 70 base power 3-bar charge move?
Guess thats too much

Draco meteor over hp for sure. The main reason to use salamence at all is Draco. If he got sky attack that would be amazing

If there was a heavy slam/avalanche/sky attack grade dragon charge type move itd just be too powerful though lol

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Outrage is superior than what you’ve mentioned as far as I remember

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I feel like Niantic’s making all the gen 1 pokemon the best pokemon other than legendaries.