Hydro Cannon Swampert: A Water Powerhouse

Actually I like it more the expected to be honest! Now waiting for the next step:


Lucky I have one 98% Mudkip saved so I can get a decent Swamprat with Hydro Canon.
Last 3 CD’s have give 0 IV over 87-89% where I play so not expecting this one to be any different.


“Swamprat” lol

Its a bit situational in wich raid it might be better. Would have been great against Entei but its not immediatly the best water type attacker (My Kyogre army is still safe :slight_smile: )

I agree, cause the ‘best watertype’ part is calculated with Mud Shot, which is a ground type move. But looking at the full water moveset it still comes 3rd behind Kyogre and Palkia (Which doesn’t have a full water moveset neither).


Sadly, it’s looking unlikely that I will be getting a better Mudkip between now and then, unless something amazing happens this weekend.

I got one 96% Mudkip and one 96% Marshtomp ready.

It looks like the water type starters keep improving given Hydro Cannon to their final evolutions

It looks like that trend could continue since Empoleon and Samurott has more base attack than both Feraligatr and Swampert. In fact, each one gets more and more attack there on afterwards with Primarina with the highest. How they will ultimately compare will be up for their relative TDO values.

I have to work this CD, but I still be out catching mudkipz to get a good Swampass.


They are, untill we get to Empolion. :stuck_out_tongue: