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How was your Moltres Day?

Duoed Moltres, three shinies, quite a nice event imo
Now lets just pray Ultra Reward isnt un-TMable Psystrike Mewtwo

Whoa, that is one of those good goals, to duo a legendary.

And THREE shinies!

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Nice thats really good.

1/4 raids were shiny :innocent:

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Wow, good shiny ratio, you would expect no shiny from thst many raids.


Two raids. A 100% has flown away. Captured a regular 70-76%

I could’ve done more raids if the tire of my bike wasn’t leaking. So I had to bring it to the bike shop, and I lost the group because of that.

At least I am glad I have done 2 raids and captured one


Better than lots.

I had been afraid my newlywed husband wouldn’t want to play today… but I was wrong :heart_eyes:

We were 6 people with 11 accounts (one of our group had 4 accounts with him!) and met at a gym on the western end of town. We had only one raid where we all had network problems, but the rest worked well.
This time we only stayed in our town and were able to make 19 raids. Less than last time, but still enough. I got one shiny, my husband 5 (!), but I got a 100% IV (non-shiny) bird :grin: - my first perfect legendary!
I’m quite happy with this result. Now waiting for the Ultra Bonus :grin::wink:


Did 5 Moltres raids today, 3 Moltres caught, all trash IV’s, and two with good IV’s fled. No shinies.

Doesn’t sound good, right? But it definitely was. I was finally able to raid on LD too😍and I’m happy to have at least 3 Moltres in the pocket. And I did the raids on EX Gyms, so maybe it’ll even reward me my Mew2☘️


Congrats on the marriage, glad you had a awesome time.

Both of you had EPIC results!

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Moltres day just started for me

Have fun

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A 100% and a shiny XD



Caught 20 from 23 raids. 2 shiny. Not bad considering our raid group (4 of us with 8 accounts between us) only managed 3 raids in the first hour due to system / connectivity issues…

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It was a fail.

Nice! A 96 Shiny :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Was the best. Right?


5/5 Caught. 2 shinies, best one being a 89% 15Atk and a Shiny 82% 15Atk. Way better than my Zapdos Day, but I’m not powering any of them.


2/5 !!! WOW
congrats @thinger95