How was your Moltres Day?

How was your Moltres Day?
Post it here.


Today my moltres day

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I got assigned a team of about 15 other players that I have to lead through town during the event.


You got assigned to?

Good luck everyone, it JUST STARTED :heart_eyes::heart_eyes_cat:


Im afgraid its going to be baad


My friend got two shiny
I’m jealous


I caught 6 in a row

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how many shiny??


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It begins in 35 minutes. May the shiny odds be ever in your favour!

Went to my usual starting point and waited 15mins for the first one to appear. Jumped in as soon as it did with the families 4 accounts. Defeated the Scrub Turkey with 90sec remaining then the spinning circle of death appeared. 20mins later after the continual spinning circle of death and restarting all the accounts twice 3 of them finally went to the catch screen.
25min mins to do the first one, not happy :rage:
Second one went ok but the 3rd had another wasted 5min of spinning circle of death. Was getting a frustrated and having thoughts of abondining the rest of the day.
Thankfully the rest went without issues .
Did 16 all up. Got 2 Shiny on mine and 2 over the others so one missed out. Got a 100%er on one of the kids. The rest of the IVs were nothing to get excited about.

Disappointed there was no extension as 30mins was wasted.

Very nice day… :rage:

I have 4 gyms near to my house… waiting more than half an hour… in none of them appeared any player…
so I’ve gone home again. It seems the players from here are not very interested in Moltres.

Well I did 8 raids caught 3 and one was shiny! :grin:

This is my only shiny from all 3 days. I am quite proud.
One guy did all 9 raids, caught them all and got THREE shinies! :frowning:


Still busy

Nice, shiny wingull! I didn’t find any shinies and only 10 gulls themselves

Tiresome day:
Got home from work at 07:15.
Set alarms for 10:25, 10:35 and 10:45 on my mobile and then 10:30 on a seperate alarm clock.
Only needed the 10:25 and 10:30. Woke up pretty ok for a 3 hour sleep.
Went to the local store for breakfast and was at the starting point at 10:50 so plenty of time to eat breakfast.
we had 5 level 40 Instinct players throughout the day and picked up and lost some stragglers along the way.

17/20 caught. 2 shiny (not very impressive IV) and the only high IV ran away. So not a bad day, but im gonna have to do some trading to hope for a high IV.

Now im gonna eat something and then back to bed cause work starts again at 22:00 :sweat_smile:

28 raids, 7 shiny. Not bad on foot. Could have done quite a few more in a car or on a bike.
Luckily managed to get a friend to cover for four hours in the middle of my work shift so I could go raiding. Means I’ll have to work tomorrow, but still worth it.

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Not bad…
I got 5, 0 shiny


Happend to the other days for me, so not participating today.