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How was Your Community day

Slakoth spawn rate this time seems to be lower than previous CD mons and the catch rate is abit lower as well. Caught 1 shiny in first one and half hour and 7 more in the later one and half hour, 3 of the 7 are caught in the last 15 mins of CD

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Niantic talks about later this summer… That is so stupid. Holiday season… :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

No way they actually aknowledged it after denying it to some users


Niantic isnt above throwing its own support employees under the bus.
That said, the support answers are sometimes really dumb anyways so yeah…

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few people actually mentioned they just denied the issue and just said that the weather was up again or that they just had to look for the Slakoth

They got scarred, A lot of people told Niantic they won’t pay any more for any thing.

This is one of the reactions:

I didn’t send a ticket, but if i got this, it would piss me of big time.
The PR guy responsible for this should get fired.


I did send them an email aswell. This is the new response (basically just the tweet):

Hello Trainer,

Thank you for the report.

We are sincerely sorry for the recent Slakoth Community Day which impacted the EMEA region Trainers gameplay. Resulting in fewer spawns of Slakoth and a temporary problem with the Weather Feature but our team has fixed this.

Please stay tuned for a future announcement that includes the return of Slakoth later this summer. Sorry for the inconvenience and would appreciate your patience.

If you need any assistance, we are just a Poké Ball throw away.


I wish the last part about the poke ball throw was true… At times i really feel like throwing stuff at Niantic :sweat_smile:


Later this summer is holiday season?

Summer = holiday

The redo must happen before summer starts. That’s my opinion.


Another missed CD for me :cry:

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Some people consider summer break a holiday :man_shrugging:t3: Ever since I got out of school I don’t really count it as a break even though as a teacher I get those 2.5-3 months off. @MrHeineken88

‚ÄúThe redo must happen before summer starts. That‚Äôs my opinion‚ÄĚ

umm its already summer
@Robdebobrob I’ll throw some stuff at them for you since they’re a pokeball throw away for me


Summer starts at the end of june tho

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True, but to me the moment school gets out, I consider that summer, so for me ‚Äúsummer‚ÄĚ starts the first week of June.

summer starts here at the start of December.

Christmas in shorts :stuck_out_tongue:

not always. The weather in this part of the world can’t make its mind up, sometimes we get winter in summer and sometimes we get summer in winter :confused::frowning:


As many before have already said: it was a really underwhelming CDay. I got two shinies in the first hour, and quite some weather boosted Slakoth, then just nothing. Anything spawned, but one really had to look for those few Slakoth. I got traded a third shiny (my friend caught 5), so I got what I wanted, but it really was a mess and I can understand everyone who is angry about how this went.
I’m curious how they are planning to return Slakoth though…

Maybe a special day like feebas, clampearl and lotad

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I know, my sister has been there on X-mas. She made a trip, 2 months long, trough Australia and New Zeeland. She shared all that happend on an app (Polar Steps).

But normally it is hot in December in most of Australia right?