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How to decide when hosting remote raids

Here’s a conundrum I encounter when hosting remote raids, particularly on Poke Genie. I don’t know which choice is the lesser of two evils and would appreciate input.

I post a raid, and trainers file in to join by sending me friend requests and then reporting ‘ready’. If they don’t report ready before their timer expires, they are replaced by another trainer (who then has to send the friend request and report ‘ready’).

Sometimes a trainer will send the friend request, but then forget (or neglect) to report ‘ready’, meaning I’ve got their request in my friends queue, but another trainer is now on the timer instead of them. So I’ll wind up with 6 or 7 friend requests for 5 slots. Should the first to send the friend request get invited (having mercy on them for their error, but leaving the later one dry), or should the one who remembered to report ‘ready’ get the slot and the one who was first get left out?

Why can’t the tool give hosts a button to send a reminder to such a player to report ‘ready’?

(The inverse also happens – someone reports ‘ready’ but didn’t successfully send the friend request, so I only have 4 requests (and a possible max of 5 raiders. Wouldn’t it be civilized to be able to alert them that I haven’t got their friend request yet?)

I just hate leaving somebody out, and am trying to figure out who has the greater right to expect the invitation? What do y’all think?

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I just had this happened to me yesterday. I went with the person who did it right and reported ready on the app. I still have the person that I didn’t invite to the raid in my list so I might try inviting them to another raid later to help make up for it.l

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I’ve had the same thing happen.
I don’t take in the names that much to remember who’s who.
I just go the last 5 on my list.

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If there was the option to sort the list by most recently added, I’d do the same as well.
I just tried hosting, but some of them changed their nickname in the game and not in the app. Because of that I didn’t know who to add, so the app timed out for me.

I sort by Friendship level @NCX
All the new accepted are at the bottom so when you sort opposite direction they are my first 5.
As soon as the Raid is done I delete them even if they’ve sent me a Gift. I don’t want/need a monster list of Friends. I might keep the odd one here or there to replace someone I don’t know either personally or online who hasn’t gifted in 2-3 weeks.

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Yeah, that’s fair enough. I pretty much dug my own grave.
I sort them by friendship level, but I felt bad for the ones that got left out, so I’ve got four others with no friendship started mixed with the new ones. I guess today, if those four don’t respond to any of my invites then I’ll delete them.
I did also receive gifts from some, then gifted them back just to be friendly and before I knew it, my list went up to 120+ people from 75. It’s a little overwhelming but that’s on me.

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I suppose the player who followed the instructions (sent the friend request and reported ‘ready’ before timing out) should get the invitation, even if one or more others sent their request earlier, but failed to report ‘ready’. I do sometimes keep the other friend requests in case another local raid comes up for the same boss that I’m not formally hosting. But both my main and alt have just enough headroom in their friends list to add the 5 for hosting a raid. – those have to be temporaries…

That technique frequently burns me (not by you, per se, but by other raid hosts who use that approach): When I am ‘ready’ first, and one or two others send friend requests but don’t report ‘ready’. That has them time out from the queue, but leaves their friend requests after mine (part of the ‘last 5 on the list’ in your reply). So they sometimes get an invitation that should have gone to me, if the host had used the search string provided by the hosting tool (like pokegenie or poke_nav).

I sort by who’s online and the top 5 get invited, if no luck, the bottom 5 of who’s online get invited next attempt.