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How many legendaries do you actually use?

Lugia has lots of defense.
Mayhe that???

I only use Lugia if the computer picks it for me in a gym battle. Same with Rayquaza. I actively pick Mewtwo though.

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This gen Im looking forwards to Palkia and Darkrai, maybe Shaymin if I get HP Grass, and maybe Heatran or Azelf if I get a hundo


3 are used. 2 Mewtwo (maxed 100% & 98%ers) and 1 Groudon (maxed 98%er).

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M2, Rayquaza, Kyogre, Groudon, Raikou, Entei, Zapdos, Moltres, all of them are important soloing T3 raids


On you just go with the recommended?

I do that as well.

I think azelf will have better DPS than mewtwo. It learns confusion and futuresight.

I do for regular everyday gym battles, but I switch up the team for raids.

None. I use my legendaries for trades. Use my other pokemon for raid. For more of challenge. When you use legendaries in raids just too easy. :confused: wish i could put up my legendaries for defending pokemon instead of raids.

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Easier maybe. I want to get it done so I can get on with catching more Pokémon for the Dust. I don’t want want to be faffing around taking longer than it need too.
We all have our own little goals an challenges along the way. It’s what keeps the motivation to keep grinding away.

Its a better Espeon

That’s a neverending job, right. If I could, I’d power up everything to level 40, even Luvdisc.
I only power legends if I really really feel my attacking team needs a serious pump. Otherwise, cheaper options do the work with almost the same efficiency.

As of now, the only team I’m worried about is Ground attackers. We need more moves!


Yeah. Looking to be on par with alakazam too which means mewtwo still reigns supreme even with psychic.

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Hey, my blue pixie of willpower is better than that old monk with a stache

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LOL I could never talk bad about zam. I’d never make it through the 1st start of raids without it against machamp.

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Since I am a Pokemon Nerd,
I raid with whatever is not weak and super effective against the opponent.
Plus, I know like everything about Resistances and Weaknesses


I only keep my Legendaries to trade to other people that didn’t get them.

That is why I have my son around to tell me those things.

Best and only way to battle.