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How many in-game Friends do you have now?

He is using an account made for one of his kids. He put in their birthday instead and as they are 10 Pokemon Go thinks he is 10 and won’t let him do friends, and sponsored gyms.

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pretty sure hes saying there he made a child account for himself, using his own PTC account…
Either im missing something, or you did some weird stuff man.
Either way, Niantic is bound by law to restrict friends options to above 13. If you cant acces it you either filled in the wrong info, or your under 13. Not much Niantic can (and should) do about that.


  • 0
  • <10
  • <20
  • <30
  • <40
  • <50
  • <60
  • <75
  • <90
  • <100
  • <110
  • <125
  • <150
  • <175
  • <190
  • <200
  • 200

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He made an account with his kid and put their date of birth in. They lost interest or got a new account now he’s stuck with that account


I set up the BobbyJack8 account for my son also. That’s his name, not mine. Luckily I used my gmail address instead of trainer’s club. Then my son got his own phone and now he has his own account, so I still play on the original one. My son is 10 and can still use the friends feature because he has his own gmail.


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Not the right place …

I got 106

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Open my gift… i never knew why you did not open it

That’s a Lot!

Nice to see I am one of your less than ten friend group!

If you reinstall your app you can select your age and easilyblog in again. No way you can lose your data unless you do not know your username and password

One of the is mine…

What name? I open overseas presents when I get an egg space available.


40 and I cannot manage to get enough gifts for them all

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We are already good friends. I got 200 on friend list and can’t get to everyone everyday. You aren’t far down on my list for opening foreign presents. It will much sooner with half egg distance.

Great, look forward to exchanging more gifts!

@Jormdeworm got it covered

I’m on 9 now; 3 Valor, 3 Instinct and 3 Mystic friends😆
I don’t care about teams, as you can see.