How long does a pokestop usually take to be approved?

Does it depend the number of appraisals and the agreements?
Does it actually take a certain time?

PS: My indication still is in ratings and it’s been 3 weeks.

Bit hard to give a definitive answer to that question.
I do quite a few nominations over a very large area. Some being City and others country or regional.
The Regional/Country ones are only taking 1-3 weeks to go through to acceptance. I’ve got City ones still in voting after 90+ days.

A lot will depend on the amount of submissions v reviewers for the area it was nominated. As for how reviewers assess the submissions and what rating are required only Wayfarer/Niantic could tell you but they don’t.

Not sure how much you understand how the the points of interest for acceptance per cell work either?

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I have some nominations being returned after five days, and some take months to pass the voting phase.

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I’ve done two nominations.
One of them is in a s2 cell 17 that have already had a stop before (although I upgraded to rating first, It’s still in queue).
And the other one is in a different s2 cell 17, which doesn’t have any nothing in there and is being voted (I don’t know if it got something in another niantic’s games in the same area).

Despite the inexact, I got some ideas how it works. Thanks, @NotanotherKangaskhan.

I have got just 1 nomination approved, one year ago. got three rejected, got well over 15 still waiting.

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But, when were the ‘waiting nominations’ added to the queue?

Shortly after you suggested them. Mine still aren’t approved nor disapproved of

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this only took 2 years


Don’t understand much of neerlandés, but “niet te accepteren” sounds as if they have reject the nomination, correct?

That is correct.

I apologize for you…the typical rejection of people which have no idea?

Did my first nomination in quite a while last night. I liked the new feature of assigning what area the nomination falls into like you select when reviewing.
Can also see rejection reasons in Wayfarer too now. Looked at some of my old rejects ones confirming some reviewers are plain stupid.
Case in point:
Huge concrete structure clear in picture and description rejected for natural feature :rage:
Foot bridge made of steel and concrete clearly showing pedestrian access from the bus stop rejected for natural feature and pedestrian access :rage:


I had a nomination for a sports court rejected for being a brothel… :man_shrugging:t2:


Maybe their thinking after running around on a sports court for hours leaves you shagged.


Haha :laughing: that must be it!

Y’know :thinking: I think there might have been some confusion about the weightlifting area.
I seem to recall mentioning that the clean and jerk would be performed regularly! :crazy_face: