Ho-Oh raid boss CP?

I was just curious about the CP and IV of a Ho-Oh I got yesterday. I basically never ever get high CP/IV raid bosses, so when I encountered a Ho-Oh that was 2207CP, I got quite excited. However, I IV checked it on 3 different IV calculators and they all said its a 91% IV. Is it just me, or should a 2207 Ho-Oh be higher than 91%? What are your thoughts?

A perfect one is 2222, not sure why you think what you have should be higher?

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This may help - has probably been posted in your local FB pokemon group page.

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Ho-oh has high max cp therefore there will be quite a range of cp from highest to lowest

I caught a 2771 cp ho oh straight from a raid is this rare?

With Ho-oh having been nerfed recently, that is fairly high. Max weather boosted is around 2,900CP

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Do you know what iv it is or a chart for ivs now

Sorry, my error, 2,770ish is excellent. Run the IVs through pokeassistant, may be 98% or better!