Ho-oh news discussion

Let me know what do you think about Ho-Oh as a raid boss. For me, Niantic needs to focus first on fixing EX Raids before even thinking about adding Ho-Oh, since even now EX Raids are still broken.

Hooh should be a Lugia equivalent, so a Tier 5. It Doesn’t make sense to add Hooh into the EX mix if so few have a MewTwo already.


I like Ho-Oh but I’m waiting for a non-raid way to get Legendaries in the future.


It will be an EX boss. The system is vastly improved, still will be a struggle for players in rural areas or with small player bases. Still it is very possible for anyone who is actively raiding and willing to put forth effort to get a sliver medal at a park, sponsored stop or other places found to hold EX Raids.


I’m not convinced the EX system has actually been improved until I see it. With a good system, I don’t mind Ho-Oh being an EX boss, but with what we’re currently working with, it seems like a poor decision.

Are you taking about the test system or what they outlined the final program to be? On paper they are completely different things.

The test system they’ve been using. Even though the “official release” has happened, only 1 wave of EX passes has been distributed, and it seems to be following patterns of the test phase. This is why I won’t believe the EX system is good until proven otherwise, which I hope happens.

Guys that’s the proof of how the game runs with this kind of players. When the Ex raid system are released worldwide for years, I can’t guarantee that the strength of Pokemon GO players won’t be polarized.

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havent got m2 yet, now this? my fellow raid members got 5 m2 already. and sheety is, i raid legendary more than them.

I have almost no sponsored gyms around me…all of the Starbucks and sprint stores are stops and not gyms. I raid quite a bit in parks and haven’t received any invites. I don’t trust niantic at this point to do anything that makes sense.

I don’t have a problem with ho oh being an EX boss because he kind of created entei, suicune and raikou, so that makes him a special legendary. I just worry that it will further limit my chances at a mewtwo which is kind of the major legendary.


Is this, one person has 5 already or is that 5 between a group of people?
Where has this happened to have 5 rounds of invites sent out, as here in the Land of the Kangaskhan there has only been 2 rounds of invites sent out so far.

Totally agree ! I dont have m2 yet! Haven’t gotten a ex raid pass either!

My country doesn’t have sponsors yet …


Same. At least in logical range…

My nearest sponsored Pokestop would be easy to drive to if I am willing to drive straight across the English Channel :slight_smile:

niantic made changes do ex raids aren’t just happening at sponsored gyms anymore its also parks.

Hooh can be an EX boss now, but only with Mewtwo like 50/50 Mewtwo 50/50 Hooh (50%)

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One problem having multiple Pokemon in EX raids is that some people will just keep getting one of them over and over .

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Ho-oh doesn’t require a Ex raid pass in raids. He’s not an Ex raid boss.

Well lots of people are thinking that the peaceful legendary pokemon like mew or celebi will not be raid bosses and might spawn in the wild or something similar so there’s your chance for legendaries without raids.