Help me get my Pokemon back out of the gyms

Since this is a global forum for Pokemon trainers, and I do not know if this is the right place to put it in.

I have battled Pokemon in 3 gyms on two different locations, namely in amel, Belgium, the gym in question is called the Freiherr von Korff Bridge

The other two gyms are located in Jalhay, also in Belgium and are at the Lac de la Gileppe. I’m a Team Mythic member, so if any other members of red or yellow know or are close by to help me beat these pokemon out of the gyms, that would be awesome and much helpfull.

Also, if you do want to put a Pokemon, make sure that you don’t put in a high CP one in it.

I have put a 12CP Pokemon in a gym in Germany at Burg Eltz and still goin strong, lol.

Thanks very much.


We cant help you. I am not willing to go over the border of NL/BE to help you. And i am mystic. But you can ask local players to kick you out of there.

Or you live close enough to @magoose6 (and perhaps he can help you)


So, you speak for everyone since you said we. The whole idea of this thread is for those that live close to those locations, not asking anyone to cross a border to kick out a pokemon from a gym and I think I already stated that I am a Mythic member.

I don’t even live in Belgium, I’m a resident from the Netherlands. I just thought since this is a forum, that there are people willing to help out if they are close by or maybe pass by those locations on their way to where ever it is they have to go.

I would do the same thing if it were closeby where I live.

I might be from Belgium, but Amel would be a 90 minutes drive for me. Too far for me.

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Just go on support and Niantic will kick it out for you :grin:


There is a option called “Remove my Pokemon” that will work.


The reason I said “we” is because the odds are very low that someone even lives close to that.

That is useful! I didn’t know that :joy:

They would do that? That smiley though :thinking:

Dont need to drive for me, only if you’re really closeby or happen to pass by.

The one at the Freiherr von Korff Bridge is back, no need to go there.


Just go on Niantic support and fill some
non-personal info. Very simple.

Just hope your pokemon are safe back home to you…


Suprised this isnt closed :joy:

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You forgot to do the housekeeping :grin:

I can’t do it!

Not a mod or leader yet.

But @Jormdeworm is :wink::wink::wink:

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