"Gym is Under Attack" [Resolved]

Does anyone else experience a glitch where the game says the gym is under attack when trying to place a pokemon in your teams’ gym? It usually happens if every trainer doesn’t put pokemon in at the same time.

Only time I get that glitch is when my son ask me to use my phone after I put my poke in , but if we walk away from it and come back it usually lets him put his in might be a new thing to stop people with more than one account . But I really have no idea !

I think you are right @Wayne9100.

I have 4 accounts, my main and three from my kids who don’t want to play anymore.

Two trainers are Instinct, two are Mystic.

I can never put in two of the same team. I have to wait about 10 minutes I believe.

I first experienced this glitch when battling a gym with a group of 4 people. All four of us participated in the last battle required to knock out the enemy team’s Mons. When the battle concluded and the gym turned white I was able to put my pokemon in to defend and so was my brother. The two others in our raid party were not able to put their Pokemon in for 7 minutes. After battling other gyms in the group of four we found that the reason why they were not able to put their Mon’s in the gym for 7 minutes after just taking down the gym was because they selected the gym but then backed out of the gym in order to heal a Mon they wanted to place in that gym.

After taking down a gym the current system will give you one chance to put your Mon in the gym. The first time you click on the Gym you just took down be ready to put a Pokemon in to defend. If you click on the gym and then back out of it without placing a Mon in it the current system will treat you as if you are a player that had no part in taking down the gym. It will make you wait 7 minutes before you can put your Mon in the gym.

Had this happen quite a few times with my girlfriend after taking a gym down. If you both (or all of there are more than 2) put mons in at the exact same time you should be good.

yes I have and so has my husband when we battled the local gym here and we knew there was no one else around. What is up with that ?