Gym activity spawns raids?

Disclaimer: if anything else like this has been posted, here or on another forum, i wasn’t aware of this

Theory: activity at a gym can/will trigger raids eggs.

We all have noticed this: gym A has it’s third egg/raid for the day but the neighbouring gym B had none.

Your first thought should be: is gym B an EX gym, with a live pass?
For those who don’t know, (and i met hardcore players during shiny articuno day who didn’t), once an EX gym has gotten a EX pass, no raids will spawn untill mewtwo has been played (9 days later).

My second thought: there must have been a lot of activity on that gym. And with activity i mean attacking / taking over / adding pokemon.

Wait wut?
I’ve had several times when taking over a gym, i drive (yes i play by car) to the next target only to find out an egg has spawnt shortly after i left.
I’ve even had times when an egg spawned with way less then the regular required hour. Last time an egg spawned with 40 minutes remaining, completely ignoring the other 20 minutes.

Last 1,5 week this become more noticable, since a new gym spawned 15 meters in front of my GF’s front door. Being a new gym, interest in it was high. Within 1,5 hour of the gym spawning the first egg appeared (level 5). Last night: the gym was taken over by Valor at 6Pm, i got there at 6.40PM, battled once for a quest and let Valor keep it (i’m nice like that,…sometimes). At 7.17PM: level 4 egg appeared.
Even on Articuno day, where 70 players started their race on that specific gym, shortly after the event ended: egg…

These are just a few examples of my own experience. I think there is a connection between gym activity and eggs spawning on those gyms. It would make sense right? Or is this a known fact and haven’t i read about it yet?

What do you guys think?

Now you’re saying it… That happens often to me too. Never heard about this, but I guess you are right.

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This is a bug. About the rest i couldnt say. I live in the city center so all gyms i can see are busy :stuck_out_tongue:

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All I know is that I learned a lot from your post about Pokemon GO and I thought I knew everything. I have noticed this though!

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Skip to 2mins. May shed some light on the situation.
NB - some of the mechanics may have been updated since this was made but most should be the same still;

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