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Gold Gym Badges / Gyms Visited / Most Days Defended

Ok Trainers, hows your Gym battling and defending going?
Post how many Gold you have and how many Gyms spun?
Whats you Gyms highest defended days/hours.

II’ll kick it off.
270 Gyms Visited
21 Gold
Most Days Defended 99d23h

Just updated this with another Gold overnight.

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For someone who is level 35, almost 36, my stats are a little weak…

177 gyms spun
2 Gold
Most Days Defended 69d 21h

300 Gym badges in 3 different countries
4 gold
Most Days Defended 109d 22h

I’m level 31

You know what, we need to collect all these into one gigantic data thread, and maybe send to Niantic? Do my badges reflect a typical rural player (I doubt it because I do travel quite a bit)? What about pokemon caught and pokestops spun. Level, etc. I think in there, we may start to see some difference. Maybe a GoogleDoc where we can enter in ALL our stats (so things can be filtered, searched, and pivot tabled). What do you think?

Nothing special over here:
163 Gyms Spun
2 Gold
Most Days Defended 35d

134 Gym Badges
Not sure how many spun though
Most days defended: 24d 8h 17m

I have 66 gym stops
2 gold
and 22days 7 hours defended

196 Gyms since the rework (none of those I hit in London or Wales count unfortunately)
4 Gold
46 day’s defending

76 gyms visited
21 gold,
36 day defended is my highest

82 gyms visited, 5 gold, 31 days max
That’s the rural life…

Time for an update as I’ve been working hard on a few new ones.

275 Gyms Visited - 5 new ones
27 Gold - 6 new ones
Most Days Defended 107d 12h this one just keeps adding up.

Not sure how many know but a Pokemon in a Gym does not keep decaying until it reaches 0 health then returns to you.
They cap out at a minimum number and don’t decay and further than that CP number (I’m guessing its a % of what the orgional CP was). I checked on one in a Gym every day that goes untouched and for 10 days straight the CP was 256 before someone made the effort to battle the Gym. I went back straight away with the family and we put them all back in again.

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I currently have 9 Gold gym badges and too many silver to count. The below gym I have 552 victories, 4d 3h 8m, and berried 232 times but still don’t have gold! Is there anyone else out there that has more battle victories than 552 and doesn’t have a gold badge for yet. Misery loves its company :slight_smile:

I have Gold badges in 33 of the 52 gyms in my town and should by over 40 gold badges by Christmas. My best gym has 260 victories and 69 days 14 hours defended, the gym has only been there for 3 months or that time would be much higher. So far 21610 hours defended toget to this point. Also have won over 2000 battles since the ne gym system was released.

My longest single defense was between 18-19 days before I got booted.

That’s impressive and no I can’t top that.
I know some Gyms where I could have a crack at that but unfortunately they are out of the way from my commute to and from work.

96/44, no bronze, 18d longest strike/143d most defended.

Time for bit of an update.
Had 3 more go Gold over the last 2 days.

361 Gyms Visited
44 Gold
Most Days 1 Gym Defended 129d 8h
Gym Defender Medal is 35303hrs

I haven’t bothered with the Gym that’s got the 129 days in over 4 weeks or it would be higher. I’ve let some close friend fellow Mystic players sit in it to increase their collection. No one bothers with it as it a long way from any other Gym.

92 total visited
3 gold gym badges
108d 43h most days on one gym
4138h defender bonus