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GoHUB login limited to one PC?!

I’ve spent considerable time trying to find out why this error is occurring. It is related to IP address but it there is more to it than that.

Sorry for the continued frustration.

Bless you, @Thorend. Diagnosing and isolating a problem is practically impossible without a reproducible test case, which I never did give you for this. (Nor would I know quite how outside of the unix workstation environment.)

While the system still rejects a login attempt right after I log out or close my browser, I noticed about 10 days ago that if I just wait 4 or 5 hours and try again, I’ll have about a 50-50 chance of succeeding (still not ideal, but far less of a show-stopper).

If I’m the only one encountering this (or even just the only one who complained about it), please feel free to designate this as a non-critical issue at your discretion. Or just relegate it to the proverbial back burner.

Youre not the only one. Its also not new. Acutally a Duplicate.

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Whatever y’all did about this, thank you. Last time I encountered this problem was over a week ago.

Jinxed it with that post, or something. I shut down to protect against power outages in last night’s storm, and when I tried to login this morning after rebooting, the site rejected me as before. Succeeded after I waited 3 hours and tried again, though.