Go-tcha issues!

When I first used it this feature was on, I thought I’d find instructions, but the pdf manual online doesn’t give proper instructions! I got this because the go plus stopped connecting after a month! Well now, also, go-tcha won’t connect and it’s only been off the charger for 24 hours when it says to wait 48 hours after 12 hours of charging

I’ve heard that after an update you have to re-establish the bleutooth connection between your phone and Go-tcha. Like the first time. Hope this will help you.

No, I haven’t had an update yet, and I’m usually at home and using a lure at the same time every night then I sign off, so I have to reconnect anyways. (Can’t walk around where I live because it’s hilly and rocky and I’m partially crippled from a botched back surgery in '09)

My Gotcha and PG+ worked well until yesterday. Both stopped working abruptly. I can no longer pair them to my Iphone 5s. What happened?

Not sure on the cause of your problem as my Go Plus is working fine iPhone 6s still running on iOS 10 not 11.
Things to try:

  1. Remove the battery from you Go Plus and put it back in. Sometimes mine goes dead mid use like the battery is flat when it’s not.
  2. Try new Battery.
  3. Un pair the device and try setting it up again

Apart from those I have nothing else.