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GO Hub Articles - Appraisal Rework, New PvP UI, Charge Mini Game and Team Rocket in 0.149.0 update

In the Alolan games, you gave them to an NPC on the first island and they would increase the IVs of any fully leveled up Pokemon (level 100). A normal Bottle Cap would max out one IV, while a Gold Bottle Cap would max out ALL IVs.

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Appraisal is better… in that it’s quicker, and you can leave it up and swipe through your list which is great… but I wish they would just show some numbers.

Is that too much to ask for?

Turns out that’s Game Freak’s approach. Game Freak apparently doesn’t want numbers being used to represent the IVs of a Pokemon. You can see that even in games as new as Let’s GO, where it’s all shown in a hexagonal graph with terms like “Poor” or “Great” or “Perfect!” This was Niantic’s best way to represent the IVs while still going with Game Freak’s unspoken wishes about them.

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So from now on we have to accept that all appraisals combined with Calcy IV will give exact IV’s? Or they are still medium values, but they doesn’t show up anymore?

For those that want their IVs expressed as a percentage there is a simple calculation.
There are a total of 45 ‘segments’ in the system used by Ninantic (15 each for attack, defence and stamina). Simply count up the number of segments your Pokémon has and multiply that number by 2.22.
Hey presto your IV magically expressed as a percentage!
C’mon it’s not rocket science is it? :thinking::crazy_face::wink:


I’m really happy that I don’t need Pokegenie anymore.

No, but before the new appraisal system there was a range of insecurity.

Now the measure seams to be shown exact, as if no variance exists.

But I have given to one (after the appraisal has given him 100%) two levels more.

Than I have used the new appraisal system again. And what a suprise, the result has gone down to 96%.

So, really it’s better? Not is better to know that there is a range?

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Or divide by 45 then multiply by 100%


I was a little more adept at dividing in my head forty years ago than I am today. So it seems deriving a perfection % from the new system will still require an additional app, like Poke Genie (or at least a simple calculator).

Only the 100% and 0% are the only sure one in this new system. Al other require a calculator. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

0% does not require a calculator, right?


It doesn’t. My bad.

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I think all stats stats are clear but it does need some practise.

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The new Charge Move mini-games for PvP are activated now, but watch out. The team leaders have changed their moves, and in Master League, each team leader has two Legendaries and they will use their shields religiously. Also, at least in Master League, every Pokemon the team leader has perfect-IVs.

Almost lost in the Great league. Didn’t get the mechanics of the mini game at first. :man_facepalming:

It’s better though. In stead of tapping the cramps in your arm, just swipe. :man_facepalming:

Here’s the thing: the percentage is only a single number thats supposed to sum up the Mon’s potential - now that we always know its stats, percentage is much, much less useful since “89” without 5 points in attack is significantly more PvP oriented than PvE

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^ This.

Defensive-oriented Pokemon excel in PvP, especially in Great League. Heck, I used a Clefable in Ultra League to absolutely destroy someone that faced me with Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. I didn’t even have Charm at the time.

In short, if you have Pokemon that are more defensive, prioritize them for PvP. Only real exception is Medicham, but that’s because it’s so good as a Great-League Fighting-type.


Probably a stupid question – but where does the new appraisal system tell us a Pokémon’s level?

It doesn’t. You need to use either Poke Genie or Calcy IV for that.

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If its 3 stars with a red background circle its 100%.
3 stars with an orange background circle its NOT 100%.
Or alternatively type “4*” in the search bar and if it shows up its 100%.

Powering up doesnt change the IV and with this new system IV scanners cant be wrong. Like you say, there is no variance.