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Gifting limit

Basically saying complete stupidness to upset someone.

My troll levels are far more superior tho, and everyone who has tried on here has failed miserably. Seeing as almost all my ideas have been put into the game or recognized as the way to progress the game forward. As i say good try.

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Ok damn I’ve done this before a lot on YouTube damn I didn’t know there was a name for it always just called it seeing how mad you can get someone wow

And I can’t speak for all but I am technically a rural player but everything in my town is a historic marker we have 16 gyms and about 50 stops in a town this about three miles wide

Why would a rural player not want more gifts? it’s like a Pokestop at your house.

instead of 20 you can get 100(?)

You are right more is always better than less but I think Niantic thinks it’s too OP of a thing I only buy the boxes for raid passes I will never need to buy revives or Pokeballs or potions thanks to gifts I think this is why Niantic did it you can fill up your whole bag in the day and never need to spend a coin just on incubators

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Well everything you get from a gift you get from a pokestop. Plus xp for being a friend. No difference really if you were to spend you entire day spinning stops.

This is true but you can also do the gifts from home without getting up so my theory is then you would not get out and technically help their sponsor stops by going to them this is my theory on this they want to force you to go to sponsored locations

Rurals have no sponsored stops🤯

Not that I’m aware of I’ve never seen one here in town but I see a lot in San Antonio and San Marcos and Austin I’ve been to a lot of Sprint ones in Austin when they see you outside they tell you come in will charge your phone and then they say do you know the new iPhones out are you interested

ugh spelling errors while dying in fortnite…

anyways, i would believe rurals would love more gifts. I would open all of mine instead of picking and choosing.


I know what you mean I would love to open all my gifts at once but like I said previously I really think that’s why they do it thanks to sponsor stops I had to buy my wife an iPhone it’s a skeme they got going on and you’re a small-town player then?

There are also different levels to Rural.

Some who don’t have any stop whatsoever.

Some who have to go to neighboring towns.

Some who actually have to drive to a far a way populated city.

As for myself if i knew i was snowed in(happened last year, i believe a fellow canadian was outtragged on here that asia pacific got extended Cday while canada never has,…) means no pokestops for me. No gyms. None of that. i can open what i saved yes, but what do you think my friends in other countries think of me when i open and don’t send?

I believe it was thorend in another topic who was asking …now im paraphrasing “why do you open and not resend”

:man_facepalming:t4:i immediately Send a gift if i open, and i never open if i cannot send.

I also know people who purposely send gifts to the lower tier friendships and do not open it “ever” and only open higher tiers. I don’t complaine about these methods. I don’t complaine even if someone doesn’t send.

My complaint is i should be able to open more gifts. 20 max is to low when my list 5x larger.

I am not arguing with you, because i believe you agree with me. But i am making it more clear that. We need more gifts.

I never even posted a set amount. That is up to Niantic, and for everyone to vaguely get the jist of the idea.

could be 40?30?50?35? :man_shrugging:t5:100 is a decent number but ill never probably have all 100 friends have a gift needing to be opened, realistically speaking some don’t even send me gifts and i dont know if they even quit :man_shrugging:t5::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Also the main thing to remember the rules of 1 per day still remains.!!

So you cannot and i repeat should not increase that part. 1 is enough. Just allow the ability to open more gifts from multiple friends

I feel like we should be able to have more than 10 in inventory

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So which one are you and I never thought we were arguing and you do not ever have to feel bad about opening my gifts and not sending back my bag is always full so most of the time I cannot open


i am in suburbs but basically stops are far. Not really any historic places near me to “make a stop” so i only have parks and some other places. Thats also why idc for Pokestop submissions since there is nothing i can say is historic.

I am going to say a hydrant is historic?( thats from @Pokemon i believe who made that remark jokingly) It’s really sad if you can’t give a good reason to make a stop especially if you knew my area when i first moved here 13 years ago. Farm land, if it was still like this my gawd…i would be wanting more gifts and pokestops more, but i am greatful i can go places that have more. It’s really a job…:man_facepalming:t4::exploding_head:


Some people take me as always arguing. So i must make it clear, since we have no voice tones, that i am very laid back and fine and i repeat fine with always justifying my ideas.🥰i hate feeling like the bad guy i tend to forget this is a childrens game.

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I know what you mean I can’t tell you how many times someone on here is told me to watch what I post or why did you say that I take it like me you are older


I know exactly what you mean. I kinda look at how someone posts on here daily other than their 1 post to judge how they will react, but it is tough with different ages, backgrounds and all that. I come off as always trolling, but i only do if they are making remarks that seem to be closed minded.

anyways…my poll shows me otherwise.

still don’t know why rob votes no, but seems to agree. Just another mystery.:man_shrugging:t5:

also i am pretty sure it will increase, just not sure when and by how much.

Like i said the poll proves what it proves. They seem to always do prove something🧐

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@luke that is also a good idea. Seeing as your allowed to send endless out but only recieve 20, why not hold more. I don’t believe gifts even take up bag space.:man_shrugging:t5:

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I think they do I am not 100% on that yet