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How do i do the advanced tutorial?

Discobot start advanced user @Minismurfen3

Wow i caught a perfect

Damn it right when i thought the chat actually became a chat again :pensive:

Don’t worry @JoshHack. I keep moving all the friend codes.

2 posts were merged into an existing topic: Pokémon GO Trainer Codes - Add Friends (Official Megathread)

Which thread is it so I can visit and find others

@Zelosaro tap on the blue link that has just appeared. It brings you to the thread :wink:

Sorry everybody for the merge spams. The’ll disappear in 24 hours.

What is this

how did I get in this chat

and how do I get out of not trying to be mean but just asking

Nice update. It brought us a collection of new bugs


Why don’t people open their GIFTS!!??

there is a limit to howmany u can open a day

i swear im only 1 makin topics with ideas

seems like canadians are the hot heads on herehow cute is that

two ex passes

got my gf dad 2 also💪🏾