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General Chat - Easy and Quick XP! = The Receiver and The Giver

Can other people post their codes (if they want to) and can people start friending and sending gifts to them?

I’ll be receiver 9341 3430 9850 is my code guys

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Great I will friend you today or tommorow

I would like to be receiver please
Trainer Name
Trainer Code
7362 8887 1787

Thats the idea.

@CindyF1977 and @Palkiamaster I friended you guys, I am BossLapras33 I will send you gifts If you accept me and then you guys delete me.

What is your trainer name?

Sent you a request. And a gift @Mapman42

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Mine is hanniwendigo77

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we are friends.

Your code is not working for me :frowning:

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I’ve changed my code because it makes more sense to only have friends I know in person


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Hmmm, you’re not getting many givers @Pokemon:joy:

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I think the givers add the recievers and then send stuff. No need to put friend code here in any case.


Lol… :rofl::joy::grin:

We both just received 3k xp, maybe 4 I don’t know, thx!

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thx to you too! i think if you delete me and add me again we can get 3k xp again. i dont know how often we can do it though

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Twice because I can add you as a friend once and you can add me as a friend once.