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Galaxy A3 2017 vs J5 2017 for Pokémon GO. Can you please help me choose a device?

Hi. I’m new here and want a little help. I need to choose between two devices to play the game. They’re Galaxy A3 (2017) and Galaxy J5 (2017). And here’s the comparison link:
Thank you!

Hey buddy!

If you’re looking for a device to play PGO on it, I strongly recommend a device with a minimum 3GB of RAM. 4GB is ideally for Pokemon as you won’t experience hiccups or lag while playing.

Connectivity issues are a different story as they are caused by the internet connection and Niantic servers.

I have been using a OP3 since the 1st month of Pokemon Go (Been using a MOTO X 1st gen beforehand). I cannot recommend this phone enough. OnePlus 3 offers high end specs and hardware at a very accessible price. The Model 3 is priced roughly around ~400 euros (about ~50-60 euros more than Samsung A3). I have never experienced lag or hiccups with the phone (in Pokemon Go or any other app) and I tend to test the limits of my phone by running multiple apps at the same time (while playing Pokemon), record screen, hotspot, and still no lag. The only issues I’ve experienced while playing Pokemon GO are connectivity issues in crowded areas and in-game bugs (which happen anyway, no matter the device you use.) This has 6 GB of Ram, way more than you need for PGO, so you can settle for 3 or 4 GB of ram.

Of the two models you suggested, I still recommend OP3, but if the possibilities are limited between J5 and A3, I’d go with the A3.

Hope some of this info helped you.


Quite a few of the local players in Croatia use Galaxy A3 and A5s, haven’t heard too many complaints. Sure, the game is not really performant or nice too look at, but it’s usable. Especially with the Game Tuner thingy which allows you to lower FPS in order to preserve battery life.

My suggestion: go with the A3, the Samsung J series is really budget oriented, in my opinion, too many compromises.

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Thank you! I’d go for the A3 as we have limited brands in my country. OnePlus is not available.

Thanks. I just knew that J5 2017 has a metal body, and A3 has a glass one. So I’m afraid that it will be broken. But I’ll better choose A3.

From my experience with glass phones, if you play Pokemon 2-3 hours or more, the phone will probably get very hot, leading to the game becoming laggy and slow.

One of my friends used a Sony with a glass back for Pokemon Go and we had to constantly wait for him to cool his phone at the car AC and clima system before doing Gym fights. Good times heh ^^

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… I don’t know what to do! I ordered A3 already!

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Personally I would recommend going with the iPhone or iPad. Next month we will see the release ios11 which will include an AR mode which will allow you to interact with your Pokémon. This is ios exclusive as android hasn’t got this technology available yet.


Hi , both phones are really similar, the J5 has a bigger battery but also has a bigger screen so it might not be a big difference between the two in terms of their battery life.The A3 has a slightly better screen and also a USB-C (witch is better than the regular micro USB) but the J5 does starts at a newer android version witch means he could possibly one day update even further when the other might won’t. Phones with at least 3 or 4 GB ram would run better the game but they are also more expensive. But to answer your question i would personally go for the galaxy J5 , i hope i helped you, have a nice day :slight_smile:

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This is amazing but requires lots of money!

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Thanks! A3 2017 got the Nougat update days ago fyi :slight_smile: And both of them will be updated to Android O <3

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Moto is my suggestion… New moto c plus is a good option, if u r looking 4 less price.

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I have already ordered A3 2017. I feel kinda regreting it. I don’t know what is right.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. It’s all about personal preference. Test out the A3 for a while and see how you get adjusted to it. If you don’t like it I’m sure you can return it and try something else.

Remember that whenever you switch to a different device, the throw mechanism will feel a bit different. Give it some time and you’ll get adjusted to it.

Let us know how it turns out and how you like it!


My brother ordered it for me in another country. So when I get it, it won’t be easy to return it. But why not, let’s see how will it go. Thank you!

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Thank you so much for your support!