Future of EX Raids

Well, new ex raid invite wave has been sent, and guess what. 1. I didn’t get it as always so rip mewtwo :sob:, 2. Niantic said that they’re “fixing” ex raids, but this is niantic, and there’s no change at all. Hours are much better, but it’s still bad for me again since it’s cold and dark outside in 6 p.m in my country, and i don’t want to be beat up by thief. Is ex raid ever going to get any better? I think we should create some sort of petition to force Niantic to remove them.

Oh, your so right. They’ve never calculate hour-scales, they never had in account that this world is round…
Maybe one day we will see justice, hihi, well, relative justice to games…
Hey, please, if you make a comment, think in the context, you can’t think that they do their work as if they are politics…


As someone who just participated in the most last wave of EX invites and raids, I feel like I can safely tell you this:
Niantic have gotten the raid/capture mechanisms spot on. It all ran smoothly and the game didn’t lag once, much to my surprise.
What they haven’t gotten quite right is the EX passes themselves. It has actually been proven that you’re more likely to get another EX pass if you’ve already had one. That’s why the system isn’t working: it is (probably knowingly) leaving people out.
I know that MewTwo Deserves To Be a rare Pokemon, above all else but they shouldat least give the community a chance, even for 2 days to catch one in the wild or as a Tier 5 boss.
Finally, maybe switch up the timing a little. Let’s say 7:30pm.


Well, I’m with you. It couldn’t be a matter in no game, that you find enough other players in the same area to fullfill certain things to get what is part of the game. If I live in a part of the world, where I’m lonely (in means of the game), couldn’t be reason to not reach the maximum limits of a game.

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These EX- RAIDS are bullshi*!!! In my town there is a park and it has 7 gyms… I go there and there is always raids going on well the one gym i hit more times then any doing raids and guess what… They handed out passes for that gym and i didn’t get one but i see people posting about getting a raid to that gym but they haven’t hit that gym in over a month but ive been hitting it for the past 3 months…

Exactly, that’s it. It’s NOT a problem of justice, it’s just random in the fool way.
But I’m not angry about it, it’s just you have not to wait to get something different of what you got until now…
It’s this way, and nothing more, don’t cry…

i get it just annoying when you do all these raids at the same places as people and yet they are on their 4th or 5th invite and you don’t get one at all… it should be capped at 2 ex-raids max until they fully release it cause its kinda shitty to let people have a chance to get 4 or 5 and everyone is still waiting to get one invite

Never mind. In Hong Kong, only 2 Ex raids were held in the history. I’ve already given up on capturing Ex raid boss. I won’t get hope up as most of the HK players think. Is it about Politics? I don’t know. At least you guys are not. You’ve magnified the problem of Ex raids.

The impatience of people never ceases to amaze me. They admittedly are still doing beta testing on EX Raids. The nature of testing something is that not everyone gets it. When they are satisfied with the feedback they get there will be a full release. Until then why stress about things you cannot control. Regardless of when you get a chance at Mewtwo it doesn’t affect your ability to play and enjoy the game. Go have fun, explore, socialize and catch. Use the daily free passes and eventually, send constructive feedback to Niantic you will get a chance at a Mewtwo.

As to people who have done raids at gyms where EX Raids happened but aren’t getting passes, contact Niantic. Let them know the issue and help them get this right for all of us. Their team on twitter is very responsive so I would do an in game ticket and contact them there.


Not just the impatience but the sence of entitlement as well.
The whole game is based on various elements of luck.


Players bear no consequences on getting 0 invitation of Ex raids. Given that legendaries aren’t allowed to be gym defender, the unfairness of Ex raids is reduced to the least. And you’re right, Ex raids aren’t released worldwide yet. Anxiety doesn’t help the situation. Thx for your reminder.

@Elevatorisbest and @lowslowkoup:
Let’s hope for the best to get an invitation and be positive. We should enjoy the gameplay but not to blindly blame the Ex raid system. As you can see Niantic implemented the buddy distance requirement, they’re no longer ignore us - Pokemon GO community. You’re not alone

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Buddy distance requirement? What us that?

The latest Ex Raid Passes have been issuesed again.
Same old stories of regular and hardcore players missing out and newbies & casual part time players getting one along with some now on their 3rd or 4th invite.
There’s been anger out there with the system and it seems to be getting worse.

I’m missed out again and couldn’t care less as I don’t go out of my way to Raid the 2 Parks where the last 3 have been.

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Ok. Let’s be honest right now.

Ex Raids are going to stay like this, and we have no influence on how they work.
Most likely there will be no other option to get Mewtwo, well, until we will get real trading one day…
Niantic is Niantic, they will try to “fix” EX Raids, but let’s be honest. They try to force us to use it how they imaginated to be. But reality is different. Look at raids. In all of raids trailer, everybody was running for any raid they saw, but here we have reality. Even in Poland’s capital city, Warsaw, there’s barely any people for raids. Similar story with EX Raids. Niantic will think everybody will do hundreds of raids with like 10 friends, and all of sudden they will all get invitation, but again, reality. Let’s imagine that there’re actually somehow raidgroup that with 10 players makes hundreds of raids daily, but they continously miss invitations. And all of sudden, level 7 that did one 1-star raid got his first invite. Im not saying that that level 7 player didn’t deserved for that invite, it’s just absolute random mess. So simply, when Niantic creates something, it will most likely stay forever, even if it’s very hated.