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Finding PokeFriend

I have just become Ultra Friend from this player skylove8812 from Korea. If you are still here in the hub, please message me so that we can have a more personal conversation since we do not have in-game chat yet in PoGo.

Thanks for being my PokeFriend! Hope to connect with you soon.

Also looking for these Poke Players, please message me as soon as you read this.

  1. skylove8812 from Korea
  2. Alvinte20 from Switzerland
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You. might also try to search for them in discord. I have found international players and coordinated gifts with them using that app.


I have tried Discord some time ago but I was overwhelmed by it. :grin: I just use it on PC though, my phone is already loaded.

Another thing, I only share my codes here in the Hub so I believe these people have been here before, and could still be here or might still come here :grin:

Anyway, thanks for the recommendation.


Another option is reading every post in the megathread lol

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That would take a lifetime lol
(Checked the estimated time, said it’s 201 mins)


I think it would take about 6 hours
With 10 % of finding the person and a 1% chnace they are still on hub


Guess I have to wait for PoGo to make an in-game chat then. :grin:

I’m looking for my friends


Please message here


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For me the search function here only seems to look at the current part of the threads, not the pages and pages prior or after (which can be scrolled into view, but might as well not exist when they’re not current). If it searched the whole thread, we could search for the people we befriended months ago and re-connect. Perhaps there are performance or security issues that make full-searches not feasible… I don’t know.

But since this site can’t find 'em, and PoGo won’t even pretend to try, it’s kind of the antithesis of social networking.

Later thought: Not everybody uses the same name here as they do in the game, so searching here has some intrinsic limits.


I’m searching for my friends from the north east of England, which I visit every year, although I live in Cairns, Australia.

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looking for JaJa255 PM me if you are here…

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PokeFriend Lost and Found section… :grin:

Hope we could find what we’re looking for…


Hello I’m a player from Sydney Australia would like a few friends from other countries so I can trade with ( Pokémon not available in Australia ) and send gifts to if you would like to be friends please don’t hesitate to add me
My name is Gigantor81 in Pokémon go

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Share Pokémon GO Codes & Add Friends (Official Megathread)