Fighting Pokemon limited event: Where are the Fighting type raids?

I don’t know if I am the only one out here with this problem. The limited event for the fighting Pokémon such as Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan in raids is fantastic yet impossible. On 3-4 different occasions we would drive around for about 2-3 hours and they never spawned. I just feel like the spawn rate of these guys are extremely low but yet Latios is leaving on may 8th that spawns now just about everywhere. I would like to either see this event either extended or simply just increase their spawn rate.


I see Fighting type raids everywhere atm🤔

All I see in my area is pretty much Latios and hitmonlee and hitmonchan

I have only seen one, therefore I agree with you. What IS wrong with the raids?

I saw several today and didn’t even play much

Maybe it’s just in the area I’m located in, but we have a group page for the area but and I have asked and so have others, they are hardly spawning out here. We gets tons of polywrath and latios

Poliwrath is also fighting so boosted by the event.
But I don’t think there is something wrong with the raids…

I’ve had a machamp, Combusken x2 and primape and next village has had 2 machamp 1 breeloom 1 poliwrath 1 Latias and other village just 1himonlee 1 hitmonchan

So far I’ve managed to see every fighting Pokémon except my favourite Hitmonlee as raid battles. Constantly having Makuhita, Machop and Meditite appear near me, would of liked to have Tyrogue as well though.

@Terry94 like this? I just hatched one, finally.
But it’ll evolve in Hitmonchan so I save my candies.

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I understand polywrath is a fighting. However, poly whirl is available to catch all the time and everywhere. I just want them to give a better opportunity for players. Tyrogue should be out to catch if they don’t turn up the spawn rate. I just feel like this update isn’t the best thought out

Same. I only need one Fighting and that’s Hitmontop. Can’t get it tho. Finally got Breloom (wild catch, have enough Candy btw) and Tyrogue today.

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Reason is simple: The Hitmons (and Primeape, Breloom, etc) dont give even nearly as much raid XP
What other bonus does this event have? Double Raid XP, of course!

Same. Both my tyougres will not evolve into it.

Yeah, that’s it. Only got them through eggs as well and they always evolve into Hitmontop. Not sure if it’s random or just always turns into Hitmontop.

Sounds like the way things have been around here the past week or so – nearly everything is one of those three (or mankey). The ramp-up in spawn rate was dramatic (from about one a month to over a dozen every hour), and I’m about sick of old diaper-head by now.

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IVs determine that, higher attack gives you Lee, defense gives you Chan, and HP gives you Top

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Best ATK = Hitmonlee
Best DEF = Hitmonchan
Best STA = Hitmontop

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