Fewer Raids Around?

Has anyone been noticing fewer raids around today. My town has 7 gyms, usually at least 3-4 raids active or on timer. Today I haven’t seen a single raid yet.

There are multiples here in my town right now.

Definitely less raids yesterday for me. I could tell from his many there were before.

I don’t see any difference but I already had few raids in town each day.

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Not less raids just no eggs to wait around to hatch so it seems like there’s less

We had a ton of raids yesterday. I think it varies a little from day to day but I don’t think there is a big difference

With legendary raids, in my area, we’ve noticed a big difference in the evenings since Zapdos came out. For those of us with ~1 hour commute, for the first three weeks of the legendaries we’d have 3-4 of the gen 1 pokemon and 2-3 Lugias. Now we’re just 1-2 Zapdos, except this evening when we had none.

I’ve definitely noticed this where I live (1hr from central London), I have about 5 gyms around me and usually at least three of them would have some kind of raid going on - my local park also has about 6/7 gyms and they usually have raids going on as well.

But since Zapdos came out I’ve seen the raids decrease dramtically, I don’t know why. This happened with the other Legendaries as well.

I did 11 legendary raids yesterday in a town with 56 total gyms. We basically would disperse the group, each go to different areas of the town and watch until we saw something then we would post to raid chat when we found something. Of those raids we only saw 7 gyms. That’s about 12.5% of the gyms that had legendary raids.

That said there were tons of other raids but people ignored them because they wanted Zapdos or Lugia.

I think this is a case of perception vs reality where just because the raids we see where not what we wanted there was a chicken little moment.

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