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"Failed to get game data from server" , New Ban Wave?

Hi Friends,

Apparently i got the same issue as what you did. I was so desperate that i flooded their email by sending in different request.

I got the same messages as what yall received, " cant share ban measure and uninstall any 3rd party apps" as well as " your account is working fine and there is no bans to it"

The problem is that i been using the updated version as well as no dishonest acts of hacking/cheating but i somehow got kick out of the account while playing and cant log back in.

They always give the same tricks and replies that i somehow start to think all they do is to copy and paste those steps. They arent really there to help us since they are always busy constantly doing updating their app. I do hope someone sincerely listen to us.

Oh ya google user here btw too.

A bot anwsers you, so a person wont read it

Yep i know, but why some bots give different answers? I think theres humans among the bots… anyways on the update i receive this yesterday ^ … wtf?

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I got that message for the first time today. The game froze, so I turned my phone off. When I turned my phone back on and restarted the app, I got that message on the loading screen. Turned my off phone again then back on. Game loaded fine then.