Exploud as a Giratina Raid Boss Counter

Hi, its me again (do I post to much?), anyways I think Exploud should be added as a glass cannon for Giratina Raid Boss since almost of of its moves are super effective, Fire Blast being the one being not very effective, just look at the move pool.13%20PM

It’s a horrible counter. It has low attack so by definition it cannot be a glass cannon (a Pokémon with high attack but low HP/Defense).

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179 is decent, but the hp is high and defense is matched somewhat with attack

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plus it resists ghost type twice

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‚Äúsuper effective‚ÄĚ doesnt say much.
Consider this.
Your super effective pokemon might do 10 damage per second. It says super effective, but the pokemons attack stat is low so it doesnt do more.
Then you have another pokemon with a high attack stat, but without super effective. but because it has such a high attack stat, it does 20 damage per second.

‚Äúsuper effective‚ÄĚ just means that you are using the right typing against the pokemon your fighting. But it doesnt say anything about the damage your dealing. Pokemon like pidgey have acces to Flying attacks, but i wouldnt really use it against a machamp‚Ķ


Even if it was 100% I wouldn’t bother Powering it up for a front liner Battler.
A rubbish Houdoom will will do better.

179 is a very low stat, probably 60 points below the threshold for anything considered a glass cannon. Additionally, it gets no type boosting for the moves and while it does take reduced damage from ghost type moves that does not make it a great counter.

While it absolutely can be used as against Giratina it is so far down the list of counters that it deserves no mention.

I honestly would avoid raiding with someone who brings exploud to legendary raid, especially if they think its a decent counter, 100% L40 exploud doesnt make top24 counters in Giratina raid in any scenario

I’m done with getting Giratina. Already got weather boosted.

What about candies?

I got 3 for double candy. If my son wants another, I have no problem going to get another. But I don’t think he does.

Maxing out takes 200+ candies, 40 wont take you far :joy:

Got no plans to max it out. I want to see if next Legendary will be relevant to the game play because Giratina obviously is not.

Giratina missing 2 things to stand out:

  1. Its original form;
  2. Decent charged move.
    Most likely it will get both in the future, so why waste rare candies when you have a great chance to build candies up in advance? :man_shrugging:

It probably gets point 1. as it stands right now, not your 2nd.
Unless they milk a raid day out of it ofcourse.

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Well I meant future either near or far, we shall see if they will give dogs their days and if they edit their movepool, if yes, then it is safe to assume every legendary will face same destiny, if not, then only time will show. Whatever gonna happen its still not a bad idea to farm those candies while they are accessible

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Being super-effective doesnt mean anything when you lack STAB and half-decent stats
Hell, even Kyogre probably does more with Waterfall/Thunder