EX Raid Update from Niantic

For those who are interested in how to get the best chances of receiving an EX raid pass.



I read it, and it’s very interesting. I do appreciate that Niantic are trying, but I don’t know what I think about this newer version of the system.

  1. UK has no sponsored gyms whatsoever
  2. I very rarely battle gyms and place mons in them
  3. The nearest park to me has no gyms

That’s why I don’t like this EX Update. I appreciate all the new rewards, and all the other stuff but this is my view on why I dislike the system.

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I am very similar but my nearest park does have 3 gyms BUT my favourite park has absolutely nothing - I’m there waaayyyyy more often

i have only 3 silver badges, no gold and one bronze is like 300-400km away from me

I’ve got a few of my 37 Gold already in Parks and about 5-6 more that are only 4-5 more defender days away from going Gold. Might have to visit these more often now to complete them off.

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Nice, I just got #37 tonight and have 6 that are in that same 4-5 day defender timeframe


is it already in motion? coz the latrst raid invite given for 3rd of December raid was given randomly as before. people who haven’t got any silver gym badge got the invite. so this week it will be using latest setting or what?