EX raid suggestion (ATTN: Niantic)

How about Ex raids whenever Niantic sends out ex raid invites, it comes along with 3 options for players to choose [going , May not be able to attend (undecided), and not going (confirmed not going or can’t go)]. Let’s say Niantic sends out 50 invites at this gym, 40 responded going and the others cant go, then Niantic can send another 10 invites to other people. That way, more players can participate in Ex raids because I believe everytime there will be some people that won’t turn up.
You can take this as like a small meet up of players organised by Niantic, this will also accomplish their goal of bringing strangers together.


Good idea!

The concept is good in theory but one thing would need to happen to stop an exploit I can see instantly. What would stop people form responding with can’t make it or maybe so their mate that missed out gets a chance to get one now.
Only the ones responding with can make it should be re issued to some one else and the original Pass issued needs to be taken back from the respondent.

But he still wouldnt get the Mewtwo, that isnt really an exploit?

Yea it will be taken back if you respond not going