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Ex Raid Preparation

Yes, I got one for next Saturday, let me see if the ex gym will have any raid until Saturday

Yes :smiley:. Once I wasnt able to battle this gym near me for a week :poop:!

Usually ex raid invite is sent out one week prior, you Cannot battle the gym until ex raid for entire week?


No raids should pop up till ex raid.

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No gym battle AND raid for one week prior to ex raid

You can battle the gym. Just no raids will occur.

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@5GodLink knows :star_struck:


So from the date of ex invite to the date of ex raid, no raid happen in the gym

Yup, bingo. No raids from invitation date to Mewtwo raid date. You’ll see raids pop back up right after, even possibly an hour or two after.

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Good to know, if I keep seeing no raid in a gym, that’s high possibility that it will have ex raid later in the week

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You’ll need to keep an eye out every hour goodluck.

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Thanks, I’m not worry about battling it, catching still make me a bit nervous although I have several already

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Even during the Articuno and Zapdos day EX gyms where passes were distributed did not have raids.

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Noticed this too. This was so the passes wouldn’t glitch.

Ya, notice this too

Would sum it up
-be there early, at least 15 minutes before so that you can go into your correct group
-no need for getting the gym, catchrate of 6 isnt anything difficult especially with ultra friend shennanigans
-goes down easily, just use a couple of TTars/Gengar

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why would you want the gym?
mewtwo catchrate is that high that you will always catch it

Not always

Plus rather 9 balls than 7🤷🏾‍♂️