Ex Raid Preparation

Ex Raid Prep and Tips.

Be ready for a fast and long battle.

Long in terms of getting the gym.
Fast in terms of getting Mewtwo.

Get to Your Ex Raid atleast 1 to 1 and half hours early, if you want gym advantage. Come prepared with golden razz atleast 20 or more.

Once you have gym control only berry at the last moment to get full advantage of healing.

Once the battle for Mewtwo begins, it generally lasts 2 minutes, if it’s a full room. Yeah all that waiting for a quick raid. Be sure to be on time cause missing a spot could mean missing Mewtwo

Take deep breaths think of something other than Mewtwo when throwing, i have seen numerous trainers miss Mewtwo due to stress and overthinking. Just think of it as a Pidgey or anything other than it being Mewtwo.



Is the battle for the gym insane?

The most intense battle in ALL of Pokemon Go and maybe all of Pokemon.

My blissy alone took out 3 trainers, i am first pokemon.
I been golden razzing atleast 15 berry idk why no1 else is…

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I can understand why taking over the gym is important. With gym control, 2 balls can be a game changer.

I always strive to get gym control. I usually get 10 balls or so, cant rely on team advantage. Rather gym.


Does the ex raid start at the time? My friend went to one and a minute after the time, he showed up, and it wasnt there.

Should show the time on the invitation.

So do you have to be at the gym at that time? My friends passes went away when they showed up one minute late.

You could go any time between the designated time. For example mine says 6:30 - 7

Usually everyone goes on time or early. Unless its a group of friends than you can go casually any time. It shouldn’t disappear.

For me i am always there early and never personally checked my items at the time to see if it was still there or not, i am usually to busy trying to jump into the raid quick.

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Your friend is telling an untrue story unless your confused with what he’s tried to explain that everyone went in on hatch and he got there after so had no one to help do the Raid. Big difference between Having your Pass revoked and not being able to use it because no one to help.
Your Ex Pass can be used any time In the 45min after hatch. I rarely go in on hatch (normally 15-20min after hatch) and have done one with as little as 3mins left to go.

Back to the OP on Ex Raid prep.

  1. Get there before hatch and make conversations with the others there for the Ex Raid and clearly work out how many groups your going to split up into and what order your going to do it in.

  2. If you can’t get there before hatch make sure you communicate this on your social media platforms if using them and ask if people can wait so someone in the group can co-ordinate the late Raid. It’s important that you get there by your late stated time as it’s rude to expect others to wait even longer.
    If you don’t use social media for Ex Raids or know anyone personally to communicate your late arrival GET THERE ON TIME or expect to miss out.

  3. The battle itself is very easy if you have 5 or more unless all are very level with weak Pokémon.
    Have you battle teams set up ready to go. Ttar with Bite/Crunch are best if the Cat doesn’t have Focus Blast. If you don’t have some good Ttar Houndooms, Umbreon can be used but expect to go through a few. Dragons with double Dragon moves also fair well. Gengar with double Ghost moves does good damage but expect to use a few of these as well and a second or third team will be required.

  4. Once the Cat is defeated take your time throwing and you should catch it easily.


He was true. I was with him, he showed up a minute late, and his pass disappeared and the raid wasnt there. Same thing happened to his brother.

Nice story, don’t believe any of it.

:sob::sob: Sorry, but pokemon go barely works on their phone and I am trying to fix an issue for them. :+1:

I did check today, i still had my pass. Untill you click to join the gym i believe.

@5GodLink and @NotanotherKangaskhan, the guide is very useful, make sure to arrive 10-15 mins before the raid starts, relax, battle and best of luck on catching

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@5GodLink, do you get one for next Sat 25th?

I glitched this week. Ended up messing up and now not received an ex.

BUT, and there is a BIG BUT. With my research i have learnt that once ex passes are given, there shouldnt be any raids till the ex raid. My ex spots had a raid today. So possibly i may get an ex pass still. Not sure, not disappointed neither.

I’ll try for september.

“once ex passes are given, there shouldnt be any raids till the ex raid”, really? That means no ANY raid in the ex raid gym until next Saturday?

Thats what i have observed. That’s how i know/find out if one of my ex spots gave out passes. 2 of my spots had raids today. Now that i did an ex today, i have 4 possible spots. BUT i was told ex passes went out this week already…so i only have 1​:man_shrugging:t5: :man_facepalming:t4:

ill see how it goes tho…