Ex Raid Pattern all Messed Up

There hasn’t been much posting or discussion over the last few weeks about the messed up EX Raid Pattern.

After jumping from the Monday raids straight to Thursday I think most were assuming it would just continue on with the the 2 days then jump forward a day … rinse and repeat.
Big shock today when I got the Ex Pass notification today (Thursday) and its for Wednesday March 6th.
Not that it matters anyway as once again the Midday time is not suitable again as I’m Day Shift that week.

Not having a much luck with these atm getting late times when I’m Afternoon Shift and Midday times the weeks I’m on Day Shift no to mention getting clock blocked on 2 of the last 3 weeks previous to today.


oh wauw i didnt even notice it yet. (didnt get one this week so yeah…) But now that you mention it, thats another big gap yes. 2nd time they do this in a few weeks…

Oh well, gives me plenty of time to add them to our raid list. I guess ill take a vacation :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry to hear you aren’t getting times conducive to the raids, @NotanotherKangaskhan. May times sync up better for you soon, and things in general find a way to be compensatory blessings in the meantime…

I’m thinking that they aimed for Valentine’s Day deliberately and then fell back to Tuesday afterwards.

Did the unusual EX raid scheduling return to normal (or closer to normal) during March? It mostly did out here, as far as I can tell.

Sort of normal if you can call anything Niantic do “Normal”. Apart from doing Thursday one again after the jump forward jump back.