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Events - GO Fest 2019 - request for details

Would be nice, yes…

What was It?

@MrHeineken88 and @Jormdeworm , first I would assume the Dortmund event gave you guys corsola as it coveres the entire Europe. Also, there has never been a event that I don’t have to fly to that gives bonuses and stuff.

Which state? Illinois or michigan?

Chicago, Illinois. Like usual place probably.

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Ill go there next year. Ill have the money. Not safari zone? Is there one here in usa? If so what state an city?

I write these down so ill be prepared for next time events.

It’s a event, not a safari zone. There is no other USA based event currently

Ah darn same. Well if there is one in usa gonna be held in usa next time or any other time. Let me know by messaging me on my profile. I dont like flying…heh.

But thank you for info on the whereabouts of go fest. Ill be there! n.n maybe cold ill be wearing sweat pants an wolf shirt an hoody black jacket. No gloves. Might buy some depends how cold it will be. But dout it since i love the cold.

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The go fest this year was perfect, you can ask @Thorend questions about it by messaging him.

I’d guess there would be a safari zone in North America next year.

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I hope so, have never been in one before!

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It won’t be fair if Go Fest is in North America again.

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It wouldn’t, but it’s annoying that I’m in USA and have never been in a USA event only before. It’s annoying that the entire Europe got corsola after Dortmund but after go fest 2017 we didn’t get anything…


Well ill just go to which one come first. Only one event ill go to next year.


Go fest is the best and shortest event all year, @Lucario. Take that into consideration…


Ill be there till its over.


GoFest is a single day event that lasts 8 hours. It was well run and I had a blast. I highly recommend it for anyone who is able to attend.

You dont read well do you?

July 16th,17th maybe. @Lucario no one knows anything yet, first info is revealed in march…

Why are you suggesting not just a month but exact dates… look at how he responds… hes gonna take it as facts