Error 43 - Wont let me raid sometimes

Error 43 is quite straightforward - Im physically under the gym with other players, we have plenty of time to start and beat the raid, the lobby timer reaches 0 aaaaand I get kicked out after the GO
Even after making another lobby (twice), it still doesnt work and effectively locks me out of a certain raid battle
It already happened to me at 5 different raids (which means that Ive lost 2 passes since they only send you up to 3)
Does anybody have a solution?

Is it possible a member of your raid team is defending a gym somewhere? It seems I had something similar happen and that was the cause but I don’t recall what error code tossed out.


I totally forgot this kind of error even existed! Thank you so so so much, yes I think I had my Garchomp in a gym

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Got that error when I tried the empty party trick for raids

I think that this error also happens if you jump back too soon when trying the trick, but I definitely waited enough (and once I was even in without the empty party) - it had to be the Chomp guarding a gym in my case


That’s why I never drop good PvE Pokémon in gyms. Espacially when they are good against the current raidboss.

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I have about 20 fillers for gyms who will be transferred when they get kicked out. Making use of the useless

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