Eligible Pokestop

My first stop got approved 2 days ago. How long will it take for it to get added to the game?

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19:40 CET on weekdays IF the portal exsists in Ingress for longer than 10 hours. Thats what it used to be. If thats still true it should have been active for 30 minutes now. If its not, could be to close to an exsisting stop.

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Not long
Mine became one after 24 hours

If it’s too close to a present Poke Stop, it might not appear, just so you know.

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that might be the problem

is there any way i can check if its in the game from home? im really worried

Why worry. If it’s approved, it will get in the game. If it does not appear 24 hours after it was approved, most likely there was a Ingress portal to close to your stop or there is a stop in that same S2 cell where your stop is placed.

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You can not. Not for PoGO atleast. You can check on the ingress.com/intel map to see if its in Ingress, and with certain overlays you could guesstimate if its in PoGO or not.


BTW, if you need help on checking, I can do it for you, but I need either a link for Google maps or coordinates in decimal (00,0000.00,0000).
You can send it in a pm if you want.

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Yeah, it’s pretty close to another stop but literally 15 minutes away walk from me there is two stops on top of each other

Thank you for the help! I’m just upset it got “eligible” and about 24 hours later wasn’t there

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The reason for that is that one of those where placed elsewhere before they where relocated.

And in Japan you can find tripple sponsored stops. In one building 3 companies with a sponsored stop resulting in 3 stacked stops.