Elaborate Raid Schedules - What's your story?

With the creation of the new raid battle system, Pokemon trainers have come together to take down fierce bosses. Today, I ventured out to see if I could catch a much awaited and anticipated Legendary beast (Suicune for me in Aus). As I stood there in a pre-arranged group tapping away, I reflected on the elaborate lengths I went to get there…

Living in a rural area it has been impossible to get a legendary pokemon. I realised I needed a raid group. After creating a new facebook profile in order to join a local pokemon go page, I repeatedly requested to join multiple groups, I was finally approved (I had been refused as I had a new facebook profile). Then I found out that there was a special raid chat. So I had to then post/beg on the group for someone to add me. After sending a screen shot of my start date and pokemon profile, I was finally added. So I show up to a raid and yay, i defeat the beast! Alas it ran away. I asked the other trainers how they schedule meet ups, they told me via a phone messaging application (whatsapp). They then told me they would not add me as another trainer who was not there needed to look at my pokedex (im level 32 with complete dex apart from legendaries and regionals). It was like the movie Mean Girls - you cant sit with us!!!
All I wanted to do was catch a Pokemon!!

I cursed Niantic for making me do these ridiculous things! Wish I could go back to playing solo. Anyone have a similar story?

I have just the opposite situation. I showed up at a random raid, and was asked to join. We have never turned away anyone, and have never stopped low level trainers from joining the raids. We have let random children jump in with us and have split into 2-3 groups mixing high level ad low level trainers so we could all have a chance to catch the raid Pokémon.

I’m sorry to hear of your troubles and wish you better luck in the future.


Sounds like you’ve been unfortunate in meeting the elitist snobs.
There’s more good people out there than these bungholes, keep trying and your meet some great helpful people.
Serriously, xxxx needs to see your Pokemon collection or you can’t join, who the hell do these tossers think they are. I’d make it my mission to knock their Gyms over just for the hell of it.


I just show up and hope others are there. Normally in London there are people, but it has gone wrong many, many times.


In HK Pokemon trainers are user-friendly. Although we don’t have cooperations and chats before raids, we will ask whether both of us able to capture the raid boss after all.


Genuinely the rule in London, is show up and start raiding but there are lots of raid groups for London so it is easy to join a raid group. For obvious reasons it’s easier to raid in central London but there is something very special about raiding and meeting new people in your local community.


In London everyone is super friendly, i ( team red ) spend a few days raiding with 20 team blues no issues. yesterday we bumped into others and all waited for everyone to finish and moved off together to the next raid


Very true, the London players are a lot nicer than some of the other ones (in Greece I got told to f*** off when I asked for the lobby code). That’s the Pokémon Go way, being social and having a good time!


I don’t understand why some people take it so serious…my raiding has been an overall pleasant experience.

One time we had enough people and we’re ready to go in and a person on the chat said they were two minutes away, so I suggested we wait for him/her.

One guy just said too bad we’re going in now, so we’re in the lobby and this person starts running up and I said look he’s right there, let’s just back out and go back in so he can join and the apparent self-anointed leader again said no. At this point I was annoyed so I said well I’m going to back out and wait…thankfully a few others joined me and this forced the group to wait for the guy running up.

I’ve been in the position where I get there just as a group is starting and it’s very frustrating because you don’t know if there will be enough people to go again. Just be kind to your fellow trainers who are outside and playing the right way


It’s interesting when you meet the ones your constantly battling back an forth over Gym(s) in an area.
Had one say sorry I’ve been booting you out of Gyms all the time. Told him no need to be sorry mate it’s part of the game. You can’t be sorry for playing the game the way it’s designed to be played and it’s necessary to collect the 50 coins.
We did the next 3 Raids together after that and had some great discussion over things in the Game.


You will find that the Pokemon GO community is filled with entitled people who think they know everything and they can tell people what to do and tell people that they are wrong - I’ve had this happen many times on the London Pokemon GO page - like any community Pokemon GO is filled with jerks who think they are better than everyone else.

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I wish raids were easier for solo players, although it is kind of cool going out with a couple friends and getting cool stuff from level 3 raids…

That wasn’t the Brisbane FB group(s) was it…? We had a similar process for the Valor groups in order to stop Mystic/Instinct being able to get intel on gym raids (pre-gym rework) that were being organised.
Since prestiging was canned & raid bosses dropped the rules may have been relaxed somewhat given we all now coordinate raid groups.

No it wasn’t Brisbane, it was lismore. I understand in a big city like Brizzy, you can easily get the numbers to be able to split into valor/instinct/mystic groups, but in a smaller regional centre, you are lucky if one other person shows up to raid.
This dude didn’t even ask me which team I was on. I am lucky now I have found a great and inclusive group. I think I was just unlucky this dude was a douche.
I actually was visiting Ipswich a few weeks ago and they had a great inclusive group which added me straight away and I was able to catch a few legendaries up there.
I hope there is a new update with in game chat and doesn’t rely on Facebook/WhatsApp/whatever to be able to organize raid groups, especially in rural areas


Haha thank you for that! You literally made me LOL!

Over in New Orleans we have a huge text group plus multiple fb groups. There are some poke’snobs out there but most people are pretty nice and we all try to work together. There are a few individuals that refuse to raid with anyone but their own team and insult non team members.

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