Does the lag benefit?

So I’ve noticed when raiding on my device weather android lg(crap) device or my new apple iPhone (awesome $$$) I still experience lag when it comes to the charge bar in raids… when raiding I use my charge beam and it will say I have in the corner action chat. But sometimes(MOST) I get de ja vu and am able to use it again immediately. Am I just a god and attack so well I get a bonus extra DPS attack or do others have this occur? If so do we know if it effects the enemy in a battle? Is it worth just keep tapping the screen rather the selecting the charge move again

With the change of raid UI maybe it fixed and I’m wasting a readers time? Apologize if so, but still want to know if previously it effected my attacks…

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I used to get this bug as well, and I had tested it out a couple times. What happens is that it does the animation, shows the extra dmg, but then gets immediately healed up because you actually didnt have the move. In actuality, you are wasting time hoping to get more dmg.


Good question I wondered the same thing and actually did it at first until I recorded my raids and discovered what was happening.

Very true. I was doing this during the early part of Legendary Raids and seeing the animation I figured it was counting. After watching Poke AK I could see it doesn’t…