Does Niantic ever fail to give out enough passes to complete a Mewtwo raid?

My town got it’s first EX Raid today. Surprisingly, out of the 12 or so people that completed the raid they seem to have used as a basis, it looks like only 5 got an invite for the raid on the 18th. Has anyone had experiences like this with a Mewtwo raid?

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Obviously more people than just you raided here
But if you have high enough levels you can beat him even in 5

That is a hard question answer unless Niantic made public exactly how many Pass they handed out.
The issue is how many that received them will/are available to do the Raid at the time and place that’s been chosen v how many were issued.

I guess what I have to wonder is, do these passes get sent based off of one raid that was done, or multiple at the same location in a certain period of time?

This Is a good point. If the 8 players in my area can’t beat a Victreebel then how will we beat Mewtwo?

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I was also wondering, well, if that would happen to anyone, i would wish Niantic that they would finally release mewtwo in normal logical way…

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That is a very good question that I have a passing interest in also. I’ve never bothered to look at the pictures of Ex Raid Passes posted on my local Discord to know if they were all from the one Raid or different Raids at the same Gym?

There has been a distinct lack of information from Niantic on exactly what they are testing with all these EX Raids.
Some are getting upset at just missing out while others are getting upset at the lack of information on how who gets them is decided. There is a fair amount of anger out in the playing community over Ex Raids. I’m not one of them and take the attitude of I’ll get one when I get one and if I don’t that just bad luck for me.
Even their last release of how to improve your chances seemed more like a push to make people spend $$$ on Raid Passes to Raid certain criteria Gyms in hope.


I heard today that the latest ex raid invites in a city near me were a total mess. Three different gyms and around six invites per gym. That wasnt all. Guess the time? Around 10 o’clock on a monday morning. Stop the ex madness please.

I one on today being Monday where I am is a strange time too and for the second time in a row at a Gym I’ve Raided. If I had been given an Ex Pass I would not have been able to attend.
First one was a Saturday midday (sensible day and time) but I had a family birthday that was a none negotiable.
The one today is on a work day and during working hours so no chance either.
The first one, only 4 attended and they failed badly as none were at high levels. This enraged 5 high level players I know personally that Raided the Gym with the 4 invitees but they never got the invite but turned up to watch.
The one today has the numbers acknowledged (7) on our local Discord but how many will actually show up for it I’ll find out in the afternoon?

Is it wrong for me to hope not enough turn up to help show that their method is still broken.

We managed to take him down with 6 players. Lvl 40, 37, 35, 34, 31, 31. One got thrown out twice so we can say we did it with 5,5. So 5 players around 35 should be able to get it.

My 8 are lower -
36, 34, 30, 29, 29, 25, 23 and 12. Failed a charizard a few m9nths back but then a dragonite s0awned so all good :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure my 5 will be able to get this… myself and another guy are level 34, and then after that it’s 29, 29, and 22…

From what I understand, it’s just completely random who gets an ex raid pass…2 ex raids are coming to my town later this week and I’ve raided at one of those gyms multiple times in recent weeks and I didn’t get one but lot’s of other people got a pass after only raiding there once

For the one EX Raid in this community we had over 40 people invited, we split up into 5 groups.

That’s quite interesting as this is the first case I’ve seen since the first every Ex Raid where the number of attendees has be high. Most now are reporting barely enough to win the battle.

What interests me most is the amount that Raided to be elegible v the amount of Ex Passes that were issued v how many actual Were able to attend the Raid.
I can’t see Niantic making these numbers known.

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Did Mewtwo yesterday with 4 players: 32, 34, 37 and 40. Succeeded with 65 seconds on the clock. So it is doable just prepare your best counters. Don’t put stardust in every perfect IV pokemon that you get or every good pokemon. Save some for good Tyranitar, scizor, houdoom, dragonites.

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As far as our group could tell it was 100% participation, there were people who got the pass that have never encountered anyone our raid group.

I know of a raid group who only had 5 accounts turn up for the mewtwo. (Dont know if there were other invites. But its unlikely because we already had a proxy come because someone had work). They were levels 28-35. But they didnt have many good counters since most of them reached these levels from raids.

Yes. It’s stupid there seems to be no recognisable pattern. A couple weeks back a group of 5 in my area got passes but no one else did and they werent able to do it. Even though there are like 100 active players because we have a group that we all talk on all the time. We messaged niantic and got no reply. Because they failed to defeat it with so little so they just lost their EX raid passes which is ridiculous and if that happens they should get something instead like normal raid passes or lures or something. Recently we’ve got another lot and there is enough of us to do it. But the thing is we all do very similar raids. We all have silver on all gyms at least and the huge majority are above level 30 yet some people who went to a raid at the newest ex raid time gym got EX raid passes and some didn’t. It seriously makes no sense. They keep saying they are fine tuning who gets ex raid passes so its fairer but it never ever seems to work. They always mess up somewhere.

But long story short…Yes it does happen.