Different prices for different players?

While getting ready for the Community Day weekend, I noticed a discrepancy that I can’t explain. Which is the proper cost for the “Lure Module Box” package? (I bought one for my junior trainer at 350, went to buy one for my senior trainer, and noticed the higher cost of 500. I had passed on the purchase until now.)

I tried a few things to remedy the problem, to no effect (restarted the game on both phones, then rebooted both phones, then verified that both have the latest version of PoGo from Google Play store). Still the same discrepancy. Made sure both had bought their special research ticket for Community Day, and both have bought the Lure Module Box (in case buying one changed the cost of subsequent purchases)… none of those things had any effect; one still shows 350, while the other shows 500.

I’ll look into filing a bug report after CD ends for today. It’s about to start, and I’m not about to waste any of it to file reports… (First, I’ll try to find where the form is for submitting problem reports… I don’t see it any more on the game’s Settings screen at first glance.)


A good CD to you all!

Imagine, in my account it shows a price of 600!!!

I know the prices are changed by local money, but I believe your two accounts are in the same place…
No, a moment, this is reason for paying more for the same amount of ingame money. :roll_eyes:
This is more serious than I thought.

Niantic stated the different prices where intended and part of some kind of test. The results probably can’t be any good but I’m gladly proven otherwise.

You mean they want to find up to which limit we buy?

I missed that announcement.

Google Facebook Youtube, Niantic.

They Tweeted it, I believe. I’m not a fan of that, either. I don’t use Twitter and I’m not willing to use it either.

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Possibly, my guess is they’ll increase prices for regular players and decrease prices for newer players. That’s why I hope I’m totally mistaken.

Both players in my case have played in near lock-step for over 3 years, providing evidence contrary to that theory.

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There’s a full article by Avrip on this very subject - from 7th December - on the main Hub page.

Don’t you lot even look at the main site? Or do you skip straight to the good stuff in the forum? :wink:

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Mea culpa, mea culpa. I guess I’ve depended on things being posted in the forum to be apprised of meaningful developments.

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